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This is the only treatment that helped get rid of my dark circles

Dark circles, shadows, bags: whatever you want to call them, they are the ruin of the lives of the most modern women. The most frustrating part is that, most of the time, they are hereditary or are related to the structure of your face, so you could be accumulating 10 hours of sleep per night and it would not make a big difference. .

I can safely say that I had reached the point of almost obsession, every time I looked at my face in the mirror, all I could see were deep, dark holes under my eyes. Despite knowing all the tricks of the book, I spent half of my time correcting the color and placing several different correctors: they were still there, always present, making fun of all the early nights I had achieved.

One day, I decided that I had had enough: something had to be done because the eye creams and the cover-ups did not cut it. I undertook an extensive investigation, I wanted to know: my options, the risks and the difference that the potential to make had. My research led me to the leader in the ophthalmological field, Dr. Maryam Zamani. Zamani, an aesthetic physician and oculoplastic surgeon, has an esteemed reputation for managing the game's most natural facial and eye enhancements.

I knew I had found the one. I made the reservation with Maryam at the Cadogan Clinic the following week and we sat in her office discussing how she would handle my dreaded suitcases once and for all. Personally, I felt that my biggest problem was the discoloration, something that I assumed would be treated with some kind of high-tech lazer. How wrong I was. "You do not have a serious coloration," he explained, "the darkness is due to the lack of volume below the eye area." Discard the lazers, then.

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Maryam went on to say that the bags were the result of my facial structure more than anything else and were something that, unfortunately, would worsen with age or become more prominent if I lost weight. After carefully examining the area of ​​the face and eyes, he told me that the best line of treatment would be the filler, administered in specific areas to increase the volume where it is missing.

As with any non-surgical treatment, they informed me of all the potential risks: bleeding, bruising, allergic reaction and my least favorite of the group: blindness, which really made me wonder if I should or should not be receiving the treatment. Fortunately, I knew that I was in the best possible hands, so we decided to move on.

Honestly, I'm the biggest wimp in the world, my pain threshold competes with a baby and I really hate needles. Initially I asked to cover my face with a cream to numb, but Maryam insisted that the procedure is painless. "I want to make one first without cream, just so you can feel it is not painful and then you can let me know if you need it." I agreed and it turned out that she was right. You can not really feel anything other than a little pinch, but even that is a slight exaggeration for what I felt.

The stuffing was injected in small amounts around my eyes and everything was over before I had time to consider the fact that I could end up blind hahaha (but seriously, scary). Maryam told me that she would have to return in two weeks to see how the filling was filled and for a possible recharge. I expected bruises but I did not have any, in part I think because of how delicate Maryam was. It really did not feel so weird, either. That night, if I pressed in certain areas I could see that the filling was there, but I could not see it and I knew it would be solved soon.

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Two weeks later I returned from my second and last session and it was as easy and painless as the first. In general, Maryam administered 1.5 ml of Juvederm Volift and I could immediately see a difference. He assured me that the results would last about a year, as long as I did not have any dramatic episode of weight loss. My bags have not been totally eradicated and I still swear by my faithful corrector, but I do not really notice them, they are not the first thing I see when I look in the mirror and I am not convinced that everyone who looks at me is questioning the last time I received some zzz.


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I'm not going to lie to you, it's definitely not cheap, with prices starting at around £ 450, but it's true that you get what you pay for and I would not trust anyone to manipulate a needle so close to my eyes. If you are aware of your bags under your eyes, I can not recommend the treatment enough and will undoubtedly return to my shirt as soon as necessary.

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