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This is The Most Healing Honey in The World, It Can Treat Over 100 Diseases

Manuka honey is thousands of years and could be more healing honey in the world. It originated in New Zealand, such as indigenous people that still prepare tonics and beverages. We are talking about single-flower honey, produced by bees from flower tree Manuka (lat. Leptospermum scoparium).


This honey is known for its exceptional antibacterial properties that unlike other types of honey are destroyed by dilution, exposure to sunlight or heat.

research group New Zealand at Waikato University in 1981 found that manuka honey has stable, powerful and unique antibacterial properties which are not present in any other type of honey.

We give thanks to several factors for this purpose :. A high concentration of medicinal ingredients, low water content, low acidity and the presence of specific therapeutic compounds of flowers Manuka

is effective in moderate and severe infections, it is used when antibiotics do not work, help with burns, relieves pain instantly wounds and recovery, and is good against ulcers.

When placed on the wound, it absorbs water from the wound and dried and antimicrobial substances destroy microorganisms that may infect the wound. It is efficient because it penetrates deep into the skin. It is used to reduce immunity and skin and hair care as it moisturizes and restores.

Can help the following problems, also :. Eczema, dermatitis, acne, fungal infections, inflammation, asthma and allergies, rashes and ulcers, anemia, digestive problems

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Not all Manuka honey is made equal. Depending on the season and origin, containing the active ingredients differ. New Zealand has high-quality honey.

For oral use, consume one tablespoon three times a day, but if the inflammation is acute, eating a spoonful every hour. Manuka honey, unless used as any copper (for consumption and as a drug), can be used for cooking.

However, people who are allergic to bee products and children under one year can not use this honey. Not all manuka honey is soft, but the honey labeled Umph used to treat various health problems.

help when Standard Drug fail

In a study conducted at the University of Sydney, which destroyed almost all types of bacteria that were exposed to her.

is considered to be effective even against H. pylori – the cause of most stomach ulcers, E. coli – the most common cause of infected wounds and Streptococcus pyogenes – causes sore throat

in 2004, health institutions British government licensed medical use in the treatment of wounds, confirming the former New Zealand knew long ago -. Manuka obviously has miraculous properties

witnessed the effectiveness of many users who helped with herpes, fungus on his feet, cysts, and even severe infection such as ulcers, sepsis and MRSA.

Throughout the Internet you can find a lot of enthusiastic users, and some of them were even spared from amputation. A survey of 17,000 people showed benefit in the treatment of chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, rhinitis and sinusitis.

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Works on Superbugs

The beauty of natural remedies is that they are in perfect balance and synergy unlike anything anyone facts. Manuka is a true example of how traditional medicine can solve the problems that were created by modern society.

Today, when all current problems emerging from antibiotic-resistant superbugs, manuka brings life-saving solution without side effects.

has an excellent performance in a variety of diseases and is especially useful in decreasing immunity. This is a certificate indicating that it is the active compounds of goods manuka pure honey

factor UMF:

  • factor UMF / 5-9 z / and maintaining health and immunity
  • UMF factor / 10-14 / are suitable for treating ailments
  • UMF factor / 15 + / med more high quality and high antibacterial activity and healing.

Manuka honey can be used as any other med -. ,, Oral, topical skin care and kitchen

Manuka honey lemonade

Reja two teaspoons of ginger, squeeze the juice of a lemon, add 0.75 l of water and manuka honey for taste.

mask for acne

Every night in the affected area, apply manuka honey and leave it until the next morning. Repeat this procedure each day until there is improvement. This is useful with other skin problems.

Facial Hydrating Mask

Clean your face, gently moisten and lubricate the Manuka. After twenty minutes, rinse. It is suitable for all skin types.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com

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