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This Is How Much Walking You REALLY Need To Lose Weight?

What is the The easiest way to exercise? I everyone will agree if I say walk. Everyone of all ages, both sexes and of any fitness level can do. It could also be the most comfortable exercise can do as they require no equipment or muscle strength. Although this exercise is so simple that still gives you amazing health benefits and also help you lose weight.

Yes, you can lose weight simply by walking. You can lose more than 20 pounds by walking alone, without the need to visit the gym or take any specific diet. This simple but amazing activity can also shape your muscles and improve your overall health.

Weight loss by walking correctly

Two factors affecting the calories burned while walking are walking place and body weight. Even if you walk with an average speed of four miles per hour, you can burn 400 calories in this activity. You can also adjust the speed according to your preferences. You can add another 3 miles and burn calories walking 3 days. See how walking is just amazing?

You can use pedometer to help track the amount of calories you burn through walking and manage your schedule. After doing so for some time, you will soon realize that it is easy to lose weight walking and you will surely love this exercise.

pedometer to help you lose weight

One way that can help in achieving its expected result is that a stimulus is given. Use pedometer as recommended by the American Medical Association. By using the pedometer you can better control your weight and efficiently. Pedometer offer many beneficial properties. Just take it around the hip area, it is not heavy at all. One of the best features of the pedometer is that it can tell how many steps you take for example.

Having pedometer or wrist band, you can monitor your progress exercise per day. When you try to achieve their goal, even the slightest progress can push forward to get more. Some more sophisticated pedometer that usually offer a feature that allows you to check the number of pounds that came down and the amount of calories you have burned. You can see your progress through walking to see this information.

How many steps to lose weight?

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Most people need 2000 steps in a mile to burn calories and lose weight. You can burn 100 calories in a mile. Pedometer monitor your steps, taking into account the amount of calories burned and how many miles we walked that day. Some additional work out is not necessary. All you need to do is add more steps to your daily routine.

    • 1 mile = 2,000 steps and 100 calories burned
    • 1 lbs – 3,500 calories
    • the loss of 1 pound of weight per week = 500 calories a day
    • you will have to take 10,000 steps on a daily basis in order to lose 1 pound in a week

Here are some tips on how to adapt your walk when you have a busy day if 10,000 steps seem too much walking (you can start slowly and lose less weight and then increase the number of steps 10,000)

  • Do not use the bus always, you can walk home or work, or you can just get off the bus in the middle of your destination
  • Do not park your car at the destination you need for, park it somewhere far away and take a walk
  • you can walk to the station and forget to take a taxi or a bus
  • Never use the elevator instead take the stairs.
  • walking their children to school

If you have more sophisticated pedometer you can check the number of pounds to get down or how many calories you have burned. This information will give the exact picture of what you achieved with your walks.

Because of the delicate engravings elements must choose a good quality pedometer if you can afford it, it will record every step you had and each of calories you burned. The American Medical Association recommends using the pedometer for better weight control and weight loss more effective.

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How to maintain interest

  • If you are using the same track every day at the same time, it will become a very boring routine. Change the track and habits often.
  • Walking in different places, parks, neighborhoods, or listen to the music you like, that will give you the motivation and energy to finish what you started.
  • The cold weather during the winter should not be an obstacle for you. You can buy a treadmill and watch your favorite TV show or movie while walking.
  • Invite your friend or someone in your family to join you on your walks. They can walk with you once or twice a week, but they will inspire new things in your daily routine to walk. Even if you have a strong will, the same routine of walking could be very boring. This should not happen.
  • Change your routines and make it as exciting as possible.

Walking Style

Everyone knows how to walk. Many people have less desire to walk because of habits or routines that develop over the years.

If you intend to walk for exercise should focus their eyes 100 feet forward, keep your head up, tighten the buttocks and tighten the abdomen in the same direction with the spine. This way you will have the best results from your walk.

How often should you walk?

If you really intend to start this routine daily walk, you should ask your doctor for advice, in order to tell if you are healthy enough to support this activity.

Upon approval of your doctor, you should walk first three days a week for 15-20 minutes. Then step by step that should raise the routine of walking to walking 30-60 minutes every day of the week.

You will find that this is the easiest and best way to reduce your weight without any particular diet regime.

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