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This Is a Silent Killer that Slowly Destroys Our Health without any Doubt!

Internet addiction it is becoming more and more frequent and in fact has become one of the major problems of modern society. Namely, the Wi-Fi internet access revolution even easier, because it allows people to surf the net, where and when they need.

Manufacturers of Wi-Fi routers are required to adhere to strict standards to make these devices safe for use. But unfortunately, it has been found that Wi-Fi routers are not as safe as it should be.

In addition, here are several facts about Wi-Fi routers and wireless devices and safety.


The most important thing is to look at the way a device is connected to the router wirelessly. Moreover, electromagnetic waves are emitted by wireless devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops to connect to the router.

However, these signals have a negative impact on our health on many levels.

A study conducted by the British Health Agency, confirming that routers affect our health, as well as people and plant growth.

These are the negative effects of exposure to Wi-Fi:

  • frequent and intense sore head
  • Sleep problems
  • Earache
  • concentration problems
  • Chronic fatigue

Although causes many negative effects, but can not completely avoid the use of Wi-Fi and many other modern technologies.

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Well, if you can not stop using Wi-Fi, but at least you can follow some tips on how to minimize these consequences and protect their health, too.

  • The router should not be kept in a kitchen or bedroom.
  • wired phones to be used at home to limit electromagnetic waves.
  • Wi-Fi must be turned off if you are not using to prevent electromagnetic waves impact the growth of their children.
  • Wi-Fi routers must be disconnected before going to bed.

Source: besthealthyguide.com

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