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This Happens to Your Waistline When You Drink a Glass of Red Wine Before Bed

There is a belief that all drinks and beverages, especially in a higher amount because gaining of weight. However, not all drinks are bad for this purpose and not affect your waistline, and can even be beneficial such wine, red.

Ellagic acid found in red wine is slowing the growth of fat cells, so the body can burn stored fat. It also increases metabolism and helps liver to work properly.

The recommended amount is 1-2 glasses of red wine as it was shown in the study conducted in women. This amount of cravings cutting red wine, appetite, before bedtime and blood pressure.

What are the other benefits of red wine?

Because contain antioxidants in red wine, as quercetin, which can be used to kill cancer cells, particularly colon cancer.

Red wine is also usedto reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, thanks to procyanidins found in tannins it. Also red wine is rich in resveratrol which prevents blood clots as a result of coronary artery disease. According to research by red wine consumption cuts blood clot, while the risk of stroke by 50 percent.

consumption of red wine before bed increases the level of good HDL cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol.

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According to the statistics of people who drink red wine they have a mortality rate 34% lower than beer drinkers or any other snacks.

The healing abilities are linked to red wine compound resveratrol found in it that is found in high concentrations, it comes precisely from the skin of grapes.

Doctors Jeffrey Stuart and Ellen Robb explained that “this compound helps break down fats and reduces the amount of fat in your body. By helping reduce body fat, high content of resveratrol in red wine may help to lose weight. “

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