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This for sure did not know about toilet paper with flavor

Today, the hygienic toilet paper in a dominant position, especially those with color and flavor. However, few people know that these should be avoided as much. Have you ever thought why?

The Food and Drug Administration US Administration (FDA) in 1987 revolutionized the cosmetics industry by banning the use of certain colors and fragrances, experimenting with animals have often observed appearance of tumors after being exposed to these phenomena. Although technology has changed a lot since then, still the major concern regarding the use of colored paper and scented toilet.

The cervical cancer
It is assumed that the direct effect of paper toilet color on the female reproductive organs may result in an increased risk of the cervical cancer.

Problems with the colon
The use of colored and scented toilet paper can lead to inflammation and itching in the rectal area. It is also good for cleaning occasionally go to the bathroom during verification in the case of blood in it. colored toilet paper make it difficult to detect these changes, especially when wet because the signs are not distinguished well. These signs may be a witness for colorectal cancer and may not realize as a result of colored paper.

urinary tract infection
colored toilet paper can be very irritating to the vaginal area, so its use is often calculated as a cause of urinary tract infections.

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toilet paper

Yeast infections
One of the questions that the gynecologist must provide each woman with a yeast infection it is the use of colored toilet paper. In particular, the researchers found a direct correlation between the use of colored toilet paper and presentation of this infection.

healthy environment
With the addition of toilet paper with color and flavor, aggravated by air pollution. Use plain paper toilet, although a small but important step in preserving the environment white.
Even the white paper and toilet is not harmless

Read the ingredients on the label
Most people do not know, but the white toilet paper can be harmful to your health. In fact, some of the content of chlorine used that creates dangerous toxins including dioxins and furans that can cause numerous health problems. Therefore, pay attention to the ingredients listed on the package – if the appearance of chlorine, then ask white toilet paper from another manufacturer

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