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This Elixir Against Headache Is Better Than Aspirin

Instead of poisoning with drugs headache, prepare this natural medicine and use it whenever you get a sore head, or when you feel you have only decreased immunity

ingredients : 500 g of honey; 10 cloves garlic; some peppercorns

Preparation :. Peel the garlic and cut each clove in half. Put it in a clean jar, add honey and pepper at the end. Close the jar and let it sit for five days before consuming.

When a headache you get, take a spoonful of the elixir, but make sure you always eat a peppercorn and a piece of garlic.

you can consume this elixir even though you do not have a headache. Take one tablespoon every morning and evening on an empty stomach to secure immunity, kill bacteria, stimulate digestion, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.

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