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This 80-Year-Old Grandma Is The World’s Fittest Grandma Body Builder!

The bike, “survival of the fittest” can also be applied to the human race, not only for the flora and fauna of the planet.

grandmother Ernestine Shepherd is living proof of that! At the moment, she is the world’s oldest bodybuilder, and believe it or not, the grandmother of pumping iron just turned 80 years old!

Has you ever seen the image (bottom right) of 2 ladies in discrete years, one fit obviously standing up with great posture, very happy and confident, and the other, and they would have a wheelchair, you probably can not survive without his handful of medications prescribed per day?

Well, the meme Ernestine Shepherd has left an incredibly inspiring old woman who recently turned 80 years old. It is surprisingly clear that Pastor is not like most of the elderly – that is their peers. The truth of the matter is that it is oldest competitive bodybuilder in the world !

This brave lady even has a record in the famous Guinness Book of Records ! She was born on June 16 ap 1936, and this octogenarian Baltimore did not start seriously working out until she was 56 years old. As explained in the following video, which began with the help of her sister.

However, after his sister died of cerebral aneurysm , the shepherds lady gave up worrying for their own health. But this neglect for their own personal well-being lasted until the time when the developed high blood pressure and decided to change his ‘couch potato daily routine’!

Today, almost regularly starts his day at 3 am, runs around 130 km (80 miles) a week, and lives on a diet controlled calorie cooked egg whites, chicken dishes, organic vegetables raw, unprocessed foods, and ‘water buckets! ‘

If questions Ernestine Shepherd what true secret longevity ie she say simply: “! you’re never too old to give up anything

Never allow this statement of his mind, whenever you want to go to a sport, hobby, or anything else that was found very attractive and great fun. However, it is especially important to think about this the next time you think of “evasion gym ‘!

Ernestine Shepherd recently turned 80 years old!

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As mentioned above, it is oldest and bolder bodybuilder in the world . What about that Han that I ever felt like you are too old and tired to start something for the first time in his life? Well, you are not

Just read this fact :. Vital and beautiful Ernestine Shepherd not start exercising until he reached his advanced age of 56! Unbelievable, it is not

this time we say sincerely Happy 80 ap birthday , dear Ernestine our website life diet “ of course they deserve an honorable mention in our place and chronic ‘online’!

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