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Things to Know Before You Pop that Pimple

Pimples appear at the worst times and when they do, you have a desperate urge to pop out. You want to squeeze out and at the same time ensure that there is no mark left behind. However, should you? It is popping a pimple really the right approach to have perfect skin?

Why popping the pimple is not recommended by doctors

why experts don't recommend pimple popping

pimple is a thin sac that keeps oil, acne bacteria and debris, which medically means it’s a good thing that holds the grain there. If puncture of the shin, which will force debris and bacteria to work deeper into the skin. In addition, the debris out of the dirt splash and force himself into other pores, causing more pimples. Moreover, it is possible to introduce more bacteria from your finger on the shin. This can lead to become red, swollen, inflamed and infected grain. This can cause permanent scarring.

The conclusion is that the grain should be allowed to run through life. If the grain is much less, the stain cures itself in three to seven days and if the grain is left improperly, it can persist for weeks and can also lead to scarring.

But how dermatologists and beauticians popping pimples?

how to pop pimple safely

Dermatologists and aestheticians are experts in popping pimples safely. They wear gloves and shin Lance with a sterile needle before removing content using an instrument called a blackhead extractor.

Therefore, popping a pimple is better to be left to the professionals. But if it must be done, there is a proper way it is supposed to do.
• Do not touch the pimple too soon. Wait until you have a white head. This means that the pus is near the skin surface.
• Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water, soap and nail brush.
• Sterilize a pin using a match or lighter. Allow to cool and then pin wipe it down with the help of alcohol.
• Clean Blackhead alcohol and pour some fingers too.
• Dry your fingers and properly wrapped in a clean tissue.
• Place the pin so that it is parallel to the surface of the skin. Now, gently pierce the tip of the white center of the shin.
• With the help of a cotton swab, gently squeeze the grain pressing around the tip of the shin. If the pus does not come down with a soft press, the grain is not yet ready to burst. Therefore, stop trying to get the grain and wait until you are ready to pop.
• If the grain open with pus or not, apply a little alcohol on the imperfection deflated. It could be a little more but prevent outbreaks of bacterial inhibition by contact.

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