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Things Hiccups Say About Your Health

Hiccup is usually an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm and respiratory organs, resulting in a sudden closure of the glottis and swallowing sound. Hiccups usually occur around the world and last for a short period and then disappear on their own. But when hiccups last for a longer period of time or is out of the ordinary, that could be a warning of some health problems. Here are health hiccups signature tells you.

1. You may have pneumonia

Things Hiccups Say ABout Your Health

Besides chest pain, chills, fever and difficulty breathing, long-term hiccup, have been documented as a possible sign of lung infection or pneumonia .

2. You are stressed


emotional stress may trigger hiccups . If you are suffering from high levels of stress, then it is time to consider restoring your mental health through certain exercises.

3. You have acid reflux disease

Things Hiccups Say ABout Your Health

Symptoms of acid reflux include heartburn, acid regurgitation and nausea. Hiccups that will not let up and could be a sign of persistent acid reflux disease and these could be harmful to the health of your stomach and esophagus. Top 10 natural remedies for heartburn

4. early sign of a stroke


Survey conducted by the University of Ohio has shown that hiccup, along with atypical chest pain could be a warning sign of stroke in women, especially. Hiccup, along with nausea, confusion and weakness are regarded as some of the only symptoms of stroke in women. Intractable hiccups know about

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5. The deterioration of renal function

Things Hiccups Say About Your Health

Having frequent hiccups could be an indication that your kidney function is worsening. Hiccup, along with bone pain, breath odor and abnormal muscle spasms can be symptoms of chronic kidney disease.

6. Indicates an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system

Things Hiccups Say About Your Health

Studies have shown that persistent hiccups may be a sign of inflammation in the central nervous system (CNS). You do not have to jump to conclusions serious health with all new symptoms that you see, but it would be helpful if you consult your doctor about persistent hiccups.

7. Indicates the presence of cancers


Intractable Hiccups that last longer than 30 days may be associated with some types of cancer in some patients. Usually, hiccups last as long indicates the presence of serious health problems internally. But experts have shown that it is extremely rate for hiccups lasting so long and be a sign of cancer.

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