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They Told You That Drinking Hot Water With Lemon Was Good, But They Didn’t Told You This

There are many experts who claim that the lemon water before breakfast has great health benefits, actually you have the right reason to start drinking lemon water as it is the best way to keep your body hydrated and also helps eliminate harmful toxins. Lemon is in nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamins A, C and B complex as well as pectin fiber, protein and carbohydrates. Citric acid lemon has antibacterial and anti viral strong power and also has stimulatory powers of the immune system that help keep us healthy. For the preparation we will squeeze half a lemon into a glass of purified water and if we want to improve the taste can put a little honey. Let’s start discovering the 10 benefits of drinking hot water with lemon before breakfast. limon


digestion 1.Improves

The lemon has properties that help the liver to stimulate increased production of bile that helps digestion. It can also improve digestive problems with daily consumption of lemon and can eliminate toxins from your body.

2.Helps to lose weight.

This fruit has a high level of pectin fiber that help fight cravings and relieve anxiety eating, allowing you to have better control of the food you eat. Furthermore, when hot water with lemon and honey combined, a more alkaline environment in the stomach, which could accelerate weight loss.

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3.Cleans skin.

When you take a glass of warm water with lemon before breakfast every day, which helps blood purification, allowing the creation of new blood cells, improving so the appearance of the skin.

4.Stimulates the immune system.

By drinking warm water with lemon, which increases the ability to absorb iron that allows a strengthening of the immune system, also vitamin C Lemon helps colds and flu body fight.

5.Bad breathing.

Frequent consumption of lemon helps fight bad breath because it cleans the mouth and stimulates the production of new saliva that kills the bacteria that cause bad breath.

6.Balances pH levels.

When you take a glass of warm water with lemon, often can regulate pH levels, considering how necessary it is. Much of acidity in the body can lead to inflammation. However, ascorbic acid and lemon critical acid helps regulate body pH levels.

7 . Increases energy.

The components and properties that contain lemon make it an energizer, you can find the B and C vitamins, phosphorus and protein in lemon. These properties possessed lemon, let hydrate and refresh the body while energizing it in a natural way.

8.Cure throat infections.

The antibacterial properties that lemon has it an agent fight infections, which is ideal for throat infections and tonsillitis. Drink a glass of hot water with lemon before breakfast can significantly reduce the risk of developing throat infections.

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9.Controls high blood pressure.

Lemons have the ability to clean the lymphatic system and keep hydrated; the amount of potassium that has lemon makes you sleep better, reduces stress and improves mental functioning, this helps to control and maintain blood pressure in the normal range.

10. Clean the urinary tract.

Water with lemon acts as a diuretic, this combination works with the cleaning of the urinary tract, but not only that, the urine production is stimulated and can modify pH levels so to be able to reduce the proliferation of bad bacteria.

Drink a glass of hot water with a lemon before breakfast can improve your health considerably and can prevent some diseases. It is better to add this measure in their daily routine and eventually see how you can convince changes in the body. Start enjoying these benefits 10 drink hot water with lemon.

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