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They find it! This is a herb that completely cures cancer for 16 hours!

This plant can become a drug in the fight cancer . According to the studies that have been published in “Life Sciences”, artemisinin plant “sweet wormwood” or “Artemisia annua” which literally translated from English means “sweet wormwood”, while in medicine Chinese has been used for thousands of years and can kill 98% of breast cancer cells for only 16 hours.

If you use only the grass, causing a reduction of 28 percent in cancer cells breast but in combination with iron, “Artemisia annua” success “fluff” cancer almost whole.


This extract is used in China for thousands of years as a medicine for malaria. malaria parasite can not live in the presence of substances in plants due to iron containing this plant, while the bioengineer Henry Lai and Narendra Singh of the University of Washington were the scientists who first discovered this remedy.

The study showed that cancer cells apoptosis or own destruction appear, but so far for this plant is difficult to supply the normal price, but with the growing interest in these plants, the price could be acceptable.

French pharmaceutical “Sanofi” said it expects to produce more than 50 tons to 60 tons of Artemisinin each year, hoping to meet demand in the world market

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