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These Things You Should Never Do After Eating!

Many times in our life and we do’t know some things that are dangerous to us! For this text we will tell you some things you should never do after eating!

  1. The first is smoking NOT SMOKE!

Every smoker immediately after eating light a cigarette, but scientists have shown that cigarette lights at that time is the same as if we had smoked 10 cigarettes. Increases the chance of getting cancer.

  1. SHOWERING- second thing is do not take a shower

should not take a shower after eating, because it increases blood flow to arms and legs and thus the amount of blood is reduced in the stomach. Therefore it gets worse digest food.

  1. third thing is Grenngrocer’s- not eat fruits!

If after eating their breakfast, lunch or dinner to start eating some fruit that your stomach is filled with air and feel like a balloon.

  1. THING IS FOURTH sleep- do not sleep!

If foods are eaten and just after bedtime may get an infection in the intestines.

  1. And last thing: do not walk!

When walking you disturb the digestive system in absorbing nutrients from food that had entered the body. You should walk, but after half an hour after eating.

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