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These Products can Cause Cancer, Asthma, Infertility and Birth Defects if Used Daily

Many of us already know this, but now even world famous organizations like the WHO are talking of that.

A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) developed discouraging conclusions on the effects of common household chemicals.

Research confirms that the products we use in everyday life contain ingredients that cause cancer, asthma, infertility and even birth defects.

WHO warned that a variety of everyday products such as cosmetics, plastic products and medicines contain chemicals that interfere with hormones and are harmful to human health.

Some of the synthetic chemicals interfere with the normal functioning of the endocrine glands, which among other things, lead to a loss of sexual function in both sexes .

These substances, known under the collective name of endocrine disruptors, or EDC, were found in PVC flooring, children’s toys and even on credit cards.

Scientists believe that chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system, probably affect all glands, which regulate the reproductive organs and development of the body that affect metabolism and appetite.

According to scientists, the malfunction of hormones can lead to obesity, infertility, problems with other health problems learning and memory, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and.

The above-mentioned chemicals can cause breast, prostate and thyroid cancer, testicular disorders, problems in the nervous system development and attention deficit disorder.

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Scientists have confirmed that these chemicals can cause damage to thyroid hormones, which can cause brain damage, decreased intelligence, autism and attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity followed.

WHO has explicitly emphasized a set of chemicals called phthalates, suspected of impaired fertility in women and causing increased rates of leukemia in children.

Another chemical emphasized that the investigation was bisphenol A, synthetic substance found in many common items such as cans and sunglasses. This compound allegedly adversely affects the hormones that regulate growth.

Scientists also claim that there is sufficient evidence of the association of agricultural pesticides prostate cancer , which affects not only humans but also animals.

To protect yourself and your family, you do not have to wait for further research, which can not be performed, or lead to the removal of harmful chemicals market.

What you can do today is stop using plastic spoons, plates, cups and bottles and buy only green cleaning products.

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