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THESE medical events should NEVER happen but hospital trust records SEVEN in a year

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Each event Never has the potential to cause harm to serious patient or death

NHS Improvement confirmed that Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust has been rated inadequate after inspectors Care Quality Commission highlighted a number of security issues and cultural issues.

report the watchdog said that discrimination ‘was rife “in the organization but also raised a number of serious security problems.

The trust that manages the county Royal Hospital of Sussex Brighton and the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, in Mid Sussex, reported seven “never events” in 2015, including four incidents in which surgeons operated on the wrong part of the body of a patient.

Professor Sir Mike Richards, chief inspector of hospitals said: “trust reported seven events ever – of which five were in RSC-H – between January 2015 and Jan 2016, seven were attributed to surgery and four of the which were incidents involving surgery on the wrong place. “

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never events include surgery done in the wrong place

what ever are events?

While the report CQC did not specify exactly what the other never surgical events on trust include, NHS England has produced an events list never all organizations that provide NHS should use

NHS England said: “.. Each type Never Event has the potential to cause harm to serious patient or death

” however, serious injury or death is not required to have occurred as a result of a specific incident occurrence for this incident to be categorized as never event “

events never include surgery in the wrong place, which includes a” surgery “performed on the wrong patient or the wrong area -. for example, a member, or tooth organ.

A hospital trust recorded seven never eventsGETTY

A hospital trust had seven Never events in one year

also includes wrong implants or wrong prosthesis. – where the element placed in the patient is that laid down in the surgical plan

Another case is that never when objects or foreign items are retained in a patient after a surgical or invasive procedure.

These include items such as gauze, needles, instruments and guidewires. never events also They include administering the wrong route medication, which means that the drug has entered the body in the wrong place or the wrong way.

the exaggerates insulin due to a confusion in the notes, or incorrect devices also counts as never event.

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Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust has been rated by the inadeqaute CQC

NHS England has also said that the blanching of patients by water used for washing or bathing should also be classified as an event than ever.

there are also events never falling within the field of mental health, including failure to install the shower or curtain functional folding rails when attempts patient or suicidal, and falls the bad restricted windows – meaning they are within the reach of someone standing at ground level without moving furniture

the report CQC

. CQC inspectors also found that there was not enough staff to ensure that patients were safe, he had problems with cleanliness and concern for fire safety.

Dr. Gillian Fairfield, acting executive director trust, he said: “it is clear in the report that in many areas CQC confidence has failed our patients and on behalf of the trust, I apologize unreservedly.

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Five of events occurred in one of the hospitals of confidence in Brighton

“The NHS as a whole is seeing increasing demand for services and, like many other trusts all the country, this has caused us significant challenges that affected the quality of care we provide to our patients. ”

She said challenges have been compounded by the fact the oldest in the background buildings are ‘not fit for purpose “.

” would be a mistake for us to use these pressures and challenges as excuses, however, and we know we should and need to be doing better for our patients and staff.

“faults detected by the CQC are completely unacceptable and in the last four months we have had, and will continue to have, a relentless focus on addressing them.

” are working to develop a culture of equality, justice and accountability, with sustainable effective leadership, where patients are cared for in an appropriate environment. “

This comes after it was revealed NHS England said three hospitals to stop providing surgery complex heart .

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