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These Light Bulbs Can Trigger the Onset of Serious Health Issues, Including Cancer

The new light bulbs, also called compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) have been heavily promoted as profitable due to the fact that they have a longer life and lower power consumption. This may sound very promising, but these energy efficient light bulbs actually provide more than is negotiating for.

On the one hand, there has been growing evidence that the new generation of bulbs are highly toxic, due to the high content They are containing toxic gases. Even the Environmental Protection Agency US It has created an emergency protocol to be followed in case of a rupture of the bulb because the vapors will launch. Read on to find out what these bulbs can do for your health.

These Light Bulbs Can Trigger the Onset of Serious Health Issues, Including Cancer

Why light bulbs low consumption are a risk to health

mercury poisoning

low power -bombillas contain mercury, which is a potent neurotoxin, classified as toxic waste. Mercury is particularly toxic to the brain, nervous system, liver and kidneys. Its harmful effects can also damage cardiovascular, immune and reproductive systems. Mercury poisoning can cause tremors, anxiety, insomnia, memory loss, headaches, cancer and Alzheimer’s. The real danger occurs when a bulb is broken and mercury is released into your home.

UV radiation

According to a new study, CFLs emit high levels of ultraviolet radiation, the harmful effects of which are known to cause damage skin and cataract formation. These bulbs radiation compromises the immune system function, and damages the skin tissues by preventing proper formation of vitamin D-3. Exposure to the bulbs could lead to premature aging and skin cancer, doctors said. The European Union recommends limiting exposure to compact to no less than a foot away from one hour a day fluorescent lamps.

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Headaches and migraines

Recent research shows that workers exposed to natural light are less susceptible to headaches, nausea and migraines compared to They are working in offices lit by fluorescent bulbs.

Energy Saving Bulbs and cancer

A new study by Peter Braun at the Laboratory of Alab Berlin Germany found that these bulbs contain carcinogens toxic including phenol, naphthalene and styrene. Phenol is both a manufactured chemical and a natural substance. It obtained from coal tar, it is a toxic colorless solid when pure white. Naphthalene is a volatile white crystalline compound produced by the distillation of coal tar and used in mothballs and as raw material for the manufacture of chemicals. Last but not least, the styrene is a saturated liquid hydrocarbon, obtained as a byproduct oil.

HOW prevent damage in case of breakage of the bulb socket

If a broken light bulb, the procedure official emergency EPA requires that:

  1. people and pets should evacuate immediately the room / home for at least 15 minutes in order to minimize exposure to poison gas,
  2. room / house aerates
  3. heating system and central air conditioning is off.

The next step is to collect the broken pieces of the bulb for which you need a piece of cardboard, tape, damp paper towels or wipes, a glass jar with metal lid or bag resealable plastic. Vacuuming is not recommended until all other measures have been cleaning because it can spread the mercury containing dust or vapor.

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Finally, these bulbs should be disposed of properly, as they are household hazardous waste. Never throw away in the regular trash because they are highly toxic.




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