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These Filipino Seamen performs an entertaining dance routine while on the ship!

seafarers are one of those forgotten professionals, who often have overlooked not only by international organizations but also by their own countries.

The life of seafarers offers a wider variety of experiences. Adventure, seeing different ports, traveling abroad – all are aspects of life of seafarers.

However, it is not always happy moments for these men. Their work takes them away from their families for a long time and while on board, as they are always at risk. storms and large waves can put your life in danger.

Add to this the fact that seafarers would have to be very rich or willing to work long, hard hours for another person in order to experience life, and so both would have little time to enjoy the experience.

Little did we know that some of these men make something that could relieve her loneliness and boredom, while in the middle of nowhere.

A video that became viral after hours of travel, will definitely make your day, especially if the woman a sailor.

In this short but entertaining clip, a dozen men in their orange uniform monkey can be seen online and seems to be waiting for something to happen.

When the music starts, all marine dancing gracefully to the rhythm. With different songs remixed in a hiphop, who were certainly enjoying their dance moves.

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If you make an effort to go beyond their smart uniforms and travel schedules luxury, you will be able to see the style of hard life living and the difficulties that remain in the sea ​​to ensure that the world and its people continue to enjoy their life on the coast.

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