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THESE every day habits could knock SIX years off YOUR life expectancy

However, a new study has revealed that regularly sitting on the couch watching a box, with a drink alcohol and cigarettes could have six years of his life.

The researchers found that smoking, poor diet, physical inactivity and unhealthy alcohol use contribute to about half of all deaths in Canada.

Scientists estimate that unhealthy habits are costing an estimated six years. life

Professor Doug Manuel, Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa, and study leader, said. “Unhealthy behaviors placed a significant burden on the hopes of Canadian life

“This study identified what behaviors pose the greatest threat.”

professor Manuel and his team created an algorithm to analyze data from the Institute for clinical evaluative Sciences (ICES) and Statistics Canada 2009-2010 Canadian Health Survey community.

the results showed that 26 percent of all deaths are attributable to snuff consumption, 24 percent of all deaths are attributable to physical inactivity, 12 percent of all deaths are attributable to poor diet, and 0.4 percent of all deaths are attributable to unhealthy drinking.

in man, smoking it was higher risk factor, representing a loss of 3.1 years.

for women was the lack of physical activity, representing a loss of three years.

researchers also found that Canadians who followed recommended healthy behaviors had a life expectancy of 17.9 years older than people with less healthy habits.

Dr. Heather Manson, head of health promotion, chronic disease and injury prevention public health in Ontario, said :. “We hope that this algorithm can help improve public health planning in 100 countries around the world already using health surveys of the population

“. unlike many other tools that are being used today, our method can measure life expectancy or small specific socio-demographic groups in risk exposure “

Prof. Manuel added: “our approach is a new way of measuring the impact of health problems in life expectancy. In an era of large volumes of data, we should move beyond the old methods that have remained virtually unchanged over the past 60 years. “

An Ontario-only study led by Professor Manuel finds that the unhealthy behavior before Ontario took 7.5 years of life.

Dr. Manuel and his team have also created an online calculator called Big Project life to help Canadians assess their own life expectancy based habits and lifestyles.

This comes after it was revealed walking can reduce the risk of heart disease caused by sitting at a desk .

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