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These Are The Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide That You’ve Been Missing Wow!

It is popularly known as hydrogen peroxide, but its scientific name is hydrogen peroxide, which has lots of features and benefits, which can be used at home in different ways, so in today’s special is a list with the number of uses that insurance does not know about this product so popular.

An interesting fact and surely you do not know is that the formula of this popular product is H2O2, ie, an atom more oxygen than normal water that is suitable for human consumption, usually it comes in a dark container as it degrades rapidly if exposed to constant sunlight. Note that the product is sold in most pharmacies containing 3% hydrogen peroxide and 97% water as its purest form can be dangerous if not used properly because it can not be used in large quantities as it may be unstable and even toxic.


At home the use of hydrogen peroxide can be very versatile, but usually people use it as a tool in the process to disinfect wounds because it contains a high percentage of antibacterial properties

Other uses that can be given to hydrogen peroxide

As mentioned above, this product is extremely versatile so if you learn to use it can benefit from it in many ways, as you follows:

  • Combat foot fungus :. 50/50 uses a dose of hydrogen peroxide and water and let soak your feet for several minutes at night and then dry them well
  • Household cleaning: Mix 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide 3% in the dishwasher to thoroughly clean dishes and fat-free, but also can be used to clean cutting boards and kill all bacteria stay there mixed with an amount as vinegar.
  • Rinse hair: For some thoughts on some parts of the hair you can use a little of this product versatile 50/50 diluted hydrogen peroxide 3% with water and pour into a spray bottle to apply hair should be wet, it should be sprayed in small quantities in the hair and comb as you normally would.
  • teeth whitening if you mix some baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and brush your teeth with this mixture will be seen how in a few days stained teeth is removed.
  • bleaches clothes :. Hydrogen peroxide can be used for linen by adding a cup of the solution to soak clothes previously
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