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These Are The Best And The Worst Sleeping Positions Which One Do You Use?

Before you drift to sleep each night, there is a good chance that slides into a familiar position.

Perhaps one turns to his right side and pull your knees toward your chest, or perhaps you lie on your back, arms at the sides as if in ” corpse pose “at the end of a yoga class. While you may think that this movement before sleep is simply your way to get comfortable, experts say that actually can tell a lot about your personality and your health.

There are three main sleeping positions with the variables of each :. Side, back and stomach


Here’s a look at three sleeping positions more common, what they might be saying about your personality and health, and how to make small adjustments wake cooler.

If you sleep on your side …

His dream-O-Scope: curl up in the fetal position and this could mean that you are a needy , the survey said Phipps. It can also be hard on the outside but sensitive at heart. If you sleep with both arms outstretched in front of you, you probably have an open nature, but can also be yearning for more in life, ready to conquer everything that life throws your way.
Your potential health problems: Side-sleeping can cause compression of the nerves of the arms and legs, which can lead to chronic pain, says Salas. Research also shows that acid reflux can worsen when you sleep on your side, especially if you tend to rotate on its right side “To combat these problems, sleeping next to a body pillow, says Salas, to help support your back and neck. ” You can also try to sleep with a thin pillow between your knees to give back extra support. “

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If you sleep on your back …

His dream-O-Scope: sleep like a log-body straight, with arms at your side, may indicate that you are inflexible and rigid, according to Phipps, with a tendency to be bossy, stubborn and set in your ways. But if your arms to drift over his head, there’s a good chance that is always ready to listen and help others, what makes a great friend
Your potential health problems. While sleeping is really big for people with back pain or neck (which aligns the spine and puts minimal pressure on the nerves in the extremities, says Salas), you can make it more prone to snoring and sleep apnea-two conditions that can be annoying for bedfellows at best and harmful to your health at worst. Sleeping on your back can also worsen acid reflux, keeping you awake all night. Try propping yourself with an extra pillow under your head, says Salas, if you’re dealing with acid reflux or snoring

If you sleep on your stomach …

His dream-O-Scope: If you like to fall asleep face down with arms outstretched (Phipps coined this position, “free faller”) could mean that they often feel like they do not have much control over what happens in your life or you’re just going along for the ride. If this is the case, you may wake up feeling anxious or worried about pending tasks.
Your potential health problems: Due to the fact that most of the beds are not built as massage tables with holes to breathe so we can keep your neck in line with our spine , which means that probably the dream of the neck to one side or another. The result? “This makes a lot of tension in the neck that can lead to muscle spasms and chronic pain problems,” says Salas. The solution:. Train yourself to sleep on your side or back, she says, since the extension of the neck that is required to breathe easily is too extreme in the body

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