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These 6 Fruits Will Help You Burn Fats

  1. pears and apples

is highly recommended to eat some apples or pears for snacks or make a fruit salad and eat it as a meal. They contain dietary filaments that keep you satisfied in the middle of dinner and support the digestion system.

Pears are rich in copper, potassium, pectin and vitamin E, B2 and C. Pectin is a soluble fiber and water is of great importance since it helps water intake into cells and blocks to retain fat in the same cells.

According to a 2004 study by researchers at the USDA, Red Delicious and Granny Smith apple types XII and XIII were placed, respectively, in regard to their ability to prevent cancer. They are also very healthy for cholesterol, teeth, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, various cancers, Parkinson’s disease, immune system and many other welfare issues.

  1. blueberries

The blueberry tea keeps the glucose level balanced and gives a feeling of satiety for a longer period . Only a few cups of this tea daily will help eliminate extra pounds and function of digestion system will be improved.

Moreover, thanks to the high concentration of cancer prevention agents. Blueberries are able to remove harmful materials from the body.

According to a study completed at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center and performed in rats, blueberries promote weight loss. Rats receiving blueberries regularly reduced their stomach fat by 2%.

can consume cranberries for snacks or mix them with some yogurt and cereal and then eat breakfast. By consuming them regularly you get all the essential vitamins that the body needs. Moreover, you will be feeling full for longer time.

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These 6 Fruits Will Help You Burn Fats

  1. Granada

If you did not know, pomegranates they can help reduce cravings. This fruit contains large amounts of potassium, iron, antioxidants, folic acid and vitamins A, E, C and B5.

According to a study conducted at the University of California, the polyphenols found in pomegranates counteract lipids blood vessels build and improve the function of the digestive system. Apart from the fruit, the seeds of Granada which resemble red platelets have a variety of recovering properties.

The seeds contain very few calories, but large amounts of vitamin C and cancer prevention agents. Thanks to the ability of vitamin C to help slow combustion, Granada is one of the best natural products for weight loss and thinness.

A quarter cup of seeds of Granada contains only 36 calories and up to 3 g of dietary fiber and 1 g of protein and fat. Compared to green tea and wine, Granada juice contains significantly more reinforcements cells. In addition, a glass of this juice reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In order to receive the benefits of this amazing fruit, it is recommended to drink juice Granada with each meal or make a shake of Granada. If you do not find tasty juice, you can add a little water too.

  1. Avocados

The first thing to know is that even though avocados are very healthy and beneficial, you should not eat excess them because they are high in fat and calories.

An avocado per day is enough and can be used as a substitute for dinner or consolidate with dinner. Avocado contains fat that illuminate the body to stop a rapid rise in glucose. From a rapid rise in glucose puts the fat away, avoid excessive consumption avocados and get excess fat in your body.


This fruit has many health benefits, including its ability to regulate cholesterol levels, glucose and pulse direct and secure heart. According to the Mayo Clinic, the fiber found in avocados supports absorption and therefore to regulate body weight.

Finally, avocados are rich in vitamin B5, magnesium, cancer preventing agents, potassium, phosphorus and iron. Contain sugars amass low and high centralization of proteins.

  1. Bananas

This fruit contains large amounts of strands in the diet, vitamin B, potassium and characteristic sugars. You can use them as main ingredients in your diet or an expansion to it. Many people, who consume bananas in the middle of dinner, said they were able to reduce cravings and appetite, and give vitality to your body.

Bananas are seen as an impressive quartet, as they can be consumed as replacing desserts. This is due to the abnormal state of regular sugars found in them.

Apart from its use as a substation to desserts, you can eat bananas along with berries, spinach, oats, flax or yogurt. They are ideal for people who want to lose some weight because they contain potassium. Potassium helps build muscle that help burning fat. Moreover, it subsided water abundance in the body, while the strands of fat diet induce burning and improve digestion.

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