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These 12 Things Helped Me Eliminate Cancer and Lose 24 Pounds and I Wasn’t Even Trying!

I was on a vacation in early 2013 when I discovered a pea-sized lump in the breast after doing a self-exam. I decided to do this because I had a sharp pain felt before.

I joined immediately certain changes in my lifestyle and my diet. I started vegetable juices, prepared healthy recipes, eliminated certain foods and consumed ingredients known for their powerful capabilities to fight cancer. I also enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

he consumed me satisfaction meals and was always satisfied. By making these changes, something happened. In addition to the restoration of my health, I am now cancer free. What is surprising is that he had tried very hard to lose weight in the past, but always without success. With the changes I made, I was eating more than ever, but was still losing weight. I felt good, full of energy, had regular bowel movements, sleep well and my skin was glowing.

These 12 things helped me to fight cancer and lose weight:

  1. drank a cup of hot lemon water first thing in the morning

This drink helps the flow of digestive juices and promotes hydration of the morning. Moreover, for additional benefits, you can add the apple cider vinegar. Regulates the pH level, improves blood pressure and more.

  1. Listen to what your body is telling you

Pay attention to the signals your body is sending you and eat only when you feel hungry.

  1. Be sure to moisturize well

Drinking lemon water with a little pepper will prevent the formation of stones or calcifications and help to eliminate toxins. You should drink half his weight in ounces.

  1. Be sure to eat green smoothie for breakfast, four days a week

Consuming a green smoothie is a great way to get the necessary nutrients. One of my favorite smoothies made with 1 cup of cabbage or spinach, ¾ cup pineapple, ice, coconut water and 1 tablespoon of hemp.

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  1. Combine green vegetables with acid-forming foods

If you are eating eggs, eating vegetables like broccoli and spinach steamed well.

  1. Consume green juices on a daily basis

The consumption of green juices such as kale, cucumber, ginger and lemon is an amazing way to get chlorophyll in his body and blood way. Chlorophyll has detoxification properties and anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. remove packaged foods

You should eat nuts, seeds and whole vegetables and fruits. You need to consume no more than ¼ cup a day.

  1. Incorporate sea vegetables rich in iodine in their diet to support thyroid function

Put some in your soup seaweed, or nori eat chips as a snack.

  1. Limit intake of animal protein

Eating lentils, pumpkin seeds or avocado in place of animal protein.

  1. Eat Sour Every Sunday

Prepare delicious vegetable soup.

  1. Make sure you connect with nature every day

Walking barefoot will have a positive effect on your vibration. This is known as ground. Another way to connect with the land is lying down on the grass.

  1. Brush your skin using a skin brush before showering

By doing toxins and dead skin cells of the skin is removed.

Source: thescienceofeating.com

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