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There Is Real Honey And Fake Honey – How To Check The Purity Of Honey ?

Many people buy their honey regularly groceries, believing it pure organic honey.

However, apparently, fake honey sold everything around us, so instead of using the wrong one, you should learn to recognize and be sure that the next time you buy the honey, you avoid false .

If you can not do the difference between pure honey and false , often you can use the product of poor quality. Therefore, there are some simple tests that can help distinguish these two types of honey and always buy organic honey instead of synthetic honey produced in factories.

The latter is devoid of all nutrients during the manufacturing process, as filtered and quality is reduced. FSN states that honey is subjected to ultrafiltration by food industries in order to prevent tracing their geographical origin through an examination of pollen, according to the FSN.

According to Professor Vaughn Bryant, about 75% of the honey sold in the market has absolutely no pollen.

Fortunately, there are some effective ways to recognize natural raw honey , and therefore stop using the factory-preset.

fake or adulterated, artificial or impure honey, honey contains numerous flavors, additives, molasses, sugar syrup, corn syrup, and dextrose. According to a test GHgeochem “If a pure honey has been adulterated with corn syrup, isotope ratio will fall somewhere between the two values ​​and therefore adulteration have been demonstrated.” This is evidence that most types of honey which are labeled as pure actually contain an addition of corn syrup.

On the other hand, honey is true, pure bee is a product and is also known as natural or organic honey.


Apparently, numerous studies have shown that many honey products sold in the market as natural, are in fact false. In order to distinguish between these two types of honey, you have to do some tests.

natural Nigerian states that most honey producers add sugar syrup and molasses nectar to honey made in order to increase their profits. Moreover, they add flour, sawdust, sand or even ground chalk in order to make it thicker.

Therefore, you can do some of the following tests below in order to check whether honey is pure or another false variant:

features 1.Physical

pure and false honey are physically quite different, so it will help to recognize pure honey . The most important differences in the physical appearance of the two types of honey are as follows:

false honey __ _______ Pure Honey_ ___________________

– Foams Foams Never, under any circumstances;

has a rough texture and bushes – soft texture;

is false honey dripping and dripping easily – Pure honey is thick and trickles into a single stream;

false honey has no odor or may have a sour smell – has the scent of honey;

are easily separated into layers. – Not separated into layers

2. The trick matched

Honey is flammable, so this trick will certainly help detect fake honey. Dip a dry earwax in honey, and if you succeed in light easily, is pure. In addition, the flame will continue to burn honey. In the case of the fake honey, the match is not lit, as one of the impurities is fake honey moisture.

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3. The thumb test:

Put some honey on the thumb, and if their spreads all or spills, is false. If that is pure, honey remain intact.

Waterproof 4.

Add a tablespoon of honey to a glass of water. If honey is dissolved in it, it is not pure. On the other hand, pure honey fall into the bottom of the cup.

5.Apple cider vinegar method

You should add 2-3 drops of vinegar and a little water in honey, and stir. If you notice foam, then your honey is false.

If you know and practice these tricks, you’ll probably never be fooled again, as you will know how to choose pure and natural honey. It is very important for your health to avoid false honey, because it is a synthetic product that gets quickly absorbed into the body, causing many serious side effects.

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Numerous people regularly buy your honey groceries, believing it is pure organic honey.
However, apparently, fake honey is sold everywhere, so instead of using the wrong one, you must learn to recognize and be sure that the next time you buy honey, which …

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