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There is only one remedy for the Republican Party of Texas: get rid of the stench of Sullivan

The Texas Rangers are now investigating the June 12 meeting between Bonnen, Burrows and Sullivan, the meeting that Sullivan secretly recorded. Sullivan says Bonnen used that meeting to urge him to attack 10 Republican members of the House.

Sullivan has delivered the tape to the Rangers. Many lawmakers have heard it and many, including Bonnen, have asked for its public launch, something we advocate for.

That is the only way the State party can move forward. And there is still a question of whether you can move forward with Bonnen as the main leader.

Governor Greg Abbott is clearly trying to organize an intervention to urge his legislators to move forward. At least, that's what we read in his carefully programmed support of Burrows's re-election effort.

He would do better to recognize that Republicans cannot move forward until there is a public understanding of what exactly happened between Bonnen and Sullivan.

The risk that the governor takes is that many legislators do not want to leave this behind and move on.

Rep. Tan Parker, mound R-Flower, was not speechless.

"We have had enough lies, half truths and political ideas, and the people of Texas deserve better," Parker said in a written statement on Monday. "I hope everyone listens to this audio recording and knows the truth."

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That is exactly correct.

Bonnen has leaned back to apologize for what he did, even though he questions what Sullivan says he did. Those apologies are perfume. Sweet maybe.

But the stench persists. And no endorsement or apology will eliminate it.

It's time to open the windows and let in the light. Then we could start to get somewhere.

Source: https://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/editorials/2019/08/28/one-remedy-now-texas-gop-get-rid-sullivan-stink

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