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The Yogurt Diet: Wipe Off 4 Pounds In 3 Days

If you want to reduce weight quickly this diet is the best choice for you. Yogurt diet will make losing four pounds in just 3 days. What makes this so effective diet are probiotics benefits, which improve the health of the intestinal flora, thus aiding the digestive tract to digest food faster.

The Yogurt Diet

Be mindful of the amount of time you practice this diet. It is not recommended to practice more than 3 days, and that does not include fiber and vitamins that are essential for the health of the body.

Not only is the quick and thorough digestion is good for intestinal health, but also beneficial to the overall health of your body. The human digestive tract contains some bacteria that have protective role for the human body because they protect from infection. But sometimes some conditions can lead to an imbalance of these bacteria, the most common reasons for this are stress, serious illness, antibiotic use and poor diet. The best way to avoid this is yogurt drink 2 liters a day.

In this diet between yogurt can also consume fresh fruit, but avoid sweetened yogurt. Ana Luque wrote a book titled “Yogurt Diet” in which he talks about the details of this diet. According to it you can eat some foods allowed list included in the book.

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The following is a version of the diet of yogurt for three days:

Day 1 : for breakfast consume yogurt or plain yogurt, low-fat cereals. For lunch, stewed vegetables and rice, but use only olive oil. The only species that are allowed in the diet are salt and pepper. After lunch you can enjoy fruit yogurt for dessert. And at the end of dinner take a salad with carrot ham or mixed with low-fat yogurt.

Day 2: Combine cucumber salad with yogurt for breakfast. Then for lunch you eat turkey baked again in olive oil. To make the tastiest lunch you can have mushrooms, tomatoes and pepper mixed with yogurt as a side dish. One at the end of the day for dinner eat berries with yogurt.

Day 3: for breakfast prepare a mixture of apple, cheese, cinnamon, salt (this is optional) and yogurt. For lunch you can eat fish fillet with salad, cucumber and yogurt. And dinner should include 100 grams of pasta in combination with Peppe chopped, boiled egg, and yogurt.

source: healthylifetricks.com

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