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The Woman’s Guide To Probiotics

As women, we often think that taking a combination of different vitamins when we want to supercharge ourselves, but what if a daily probiotic was all I needed to take control of your health? This pill is full of all the things you need to help not only your gut, but many other crucial functions in your body.

Benefits of probiotics for intestinal health:

Clearly one of the outlets of probiotics is the way your digestion will transform into a smooth, efficient, uninterrupted and / or inconvenient process. Many times after eating, especially foods that contain gluten or dairy products, our stomach becomes swollen and suffering from cramps and gas. With only a daily dose of probiotics, you are feeding your body healthy bacteria that needs to heal your gut, get rid of

Dolores -cramping / gas

-diarrhea and / or constipation allowing regular bowel movements

stomach pains and swelling -Easy what has come after eating

indigestion and acid reflux -cure to heal the gut

–rebuild immune system and body functions

-revitalize your energy levels in ways you never imagined

-to reduce the side effects of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Benefits of probiotics in brain health:

as the intestine is known to many as the “second brain” is no strange coincidence that maintain a healthy intestine can improve your mood and brain function. Probiotics have been shown to:

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-Boost positivity, holding negative thoughts and / or aggressive in the bay

-Supercharge their brain activity

-Helps eliminate feelings anxiety

A Mothers Guide To Probiotics

specifically benefits for pregnant women and / or infants:

for any of us who are mothers, the health of our baby, born or still-to-be, it is of utmost importance to us. From the moment of conception, it is our job as parents to protect our children’s health, and probiotics can do that!

Probiotics for pregnant mothers can:

-Work to establish a healthy immune system for the unborn child, giving them the defense they need for life outside the womb

-Reduce the possibilities for baby developing allergies and asthma

-Alleviate constipation in pregnant women, which is often a complaint because of changes in hormone levels

Probiotics for nursing mothers may:

-Build your baby’s immune system, they will need once they start on solids

-Avoid eczema (painful , itchy rashes that can devleop along the skin from an early age)

colic -Keep away. attacks of inconsolable crying for hours is the worst nightmare of any new mother, and not fun for the baby, either

When a pregnant woman taking probiotics regularly, this increases the production of vitamin B in your body . As he passed the baby, this will help regulate metabolism function, prevent anemia and maintain healthy skin and nervous system.

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-Implementing a probiotic daily can prevent yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, which are common during pregnancy. The result of which can trigger premature labor if left untreated.

Health Benefits Women:

Regarding the vaginal health problems most common health for these areas come as a result of excessive growth bad bacteria. These painful questions we may have to seek counter products, and even calling our gynecologists to prescribe antibiotics to treat.

-Avoid yeast infections kill yeast Candida and the establishment of a well-balanced flora. This is serious, as millions of women around the world suffer from chronic (defined by 4 or more per year) fungal infections. Antibiotics kill all bacteria, not just the bad bacteria that temporarily alleviates the problem .

-encourage urinary tract health, which will prevent painful urinary tract infections. It has been reported that 30-40% of these infections are treated with antibiotics happen again, because antibiotics are not permanent answer Probiotics are . Do not suffer in silence, probiotics are the answer you need to save yourself the pain and discomfort in their vaginal health.

The women guide to probiotics first appeared in Gut Health Project .

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