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The Vegetable That Could Easily Remove Phlegm From Your Lungs Overnight

Carrots are very beneficial vegetables. is a rich source of vitamin A and B- carotene which are very important for eye health.

Moreover, are also abundant in vitamins B, C and K, and various types of minerals.

Besides being excellent for viewing, carrots are also amazing for strengthening the immune system, as well as bowel movements.

These vegetables are notable also a balm for respiratory problems, and can help in the case of colds, coughs , bronchitis, asthma.

What makes carrots good for you?

– Strengthen the immune system
– Improve cardiovascular health
– Lowering cholesterol levels
– Improving the health of the skin and reduce acne
– cleanse and detoxify the body
– they are an excellent source of calcium which improves digestion

Today, we will reveal a very useful natural remedy that will cure cough and eliminate phlegm from the lungs. This can be used in both children and adults.

made Tos home Recipe:


– 1/2 kg carrot
– 3-4 tablespoons of honey


1. Cut carrots into pieces and pour water over them.

2. Boil until carrots are tender and then remove from heat, and mash with a fork or in a blender.

3. Do not throw boiling water in which carrots. When it gets colder, use this water again.

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4. Add the honey in it and add this mixture to the mashed carrot.

Use :.

This syrup can be consumed regularly

Take 3-4 tablespoons of it during the day, and after 1-2 days, you will notice the results.

This syrup amazing carrot help cure your cough and properly remove phlegm from the lungs.

Source: My healthy life 365

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