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The Total Guide To Carrier Oils: 21 Of The Best To Mix With Essential Oils

The Total Guide To Carrier Oils: 21 Of The Best To Mix With Essential Oils

When the mixture of essential oils for topical application, it is almost always recommended to dilute with a carrier oil. (With the exception of oils such as lavender and tea tree is generally considered safe to use undiluted). Most of us are very familiar with a select group of vehicles such as coconut, olive, jojoba and sweet almond oil. However, the list of possible carrier oils that can be used with its essential oil blends is actually quite long!

All different oils have their own unique traits based on essential fatty acids and nutrients they contain. These features make each carrier individually ideal for different situations depending on factors such as skin type, how long may want to save the mixture, or how it will be applied to your body.

Here we’ll cover 21 common carrier oils and not so common; including a brief description of each and its associated health benefits. Then we will close with a brief description of the contents primary fatty acids in carrier oils.

1. sweet almond

Oleic acid – 62%

Linoleic acid – 29%

Palmitic acid – 9%

obtained from dried beans almond ( Prunus amygdalus var. Dulcis ), sweet almond oil is one of the most popular carrier oils. It is rich in vitamin E antioxidant that is also a highly nutritious vitamin to promote cell regeneration of the skin.

sweet almond oil helps to balance the natural oils from the skin and prevent excessive dryness by blocking the moisture. This makes the oil particularly beneficial to very dry or irritated skin. However, it is also suitable for all skin types.

As moisturizes and nourishes the skin, sweet almond oil also relieves inflammation and irritation. It also provides a good amount of natural resistance against sun damage by increasing the levels of antioxidants in the skin.

Sweet almond oil is ideal for massage oil blends as it does not penetrate too fast. It is also perfect facial moisturizing blends because of its ability to promote younger looking skin without feeling greasy on the face. You can read more about this versatile oil 12 Benefits of sweet almond oil for beautiful skin and hair and improve health .

If you want to give it a try, pick up a bottle of pure cold-pressed sweet almond oil Organic an excellent product for Sky Organics 100% and high quality.

2. Apricot stone

Oleic acid – 70%

Linoleic acid – 23%

Palmitic acid – 4%

kernel oil

is extracted from apricot stones apricots harvested from Prunus armeniaca most commonly cultivated species of apricot.

This carrier oil absorbs quickly and has a very fine texture that makes it suitable for use on oily skin. Because of its texture, and also for its anti-aging qualities, apricot kernel oil is a perfect vehicle for massages and facial moisturizing blends.

also has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a good choice for the whole body massage mixtures as well as to soothe dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

If you want to give it a try, pick up a bottle of Dr. lovely pure organic cold-pressed apricot kernel oil .

3. Argán

Oleic acid – 43%

Linoleic acid – 37%

Palmitic acid – 12%

cold pressed from the fruit of the Moroccan argan tree ( argania ), argan oil has many uses – both internally and externally. This oil is particularly rich in antioxidant vitamin A, which significantly increases cell regeneration. It also provides some natural protection against the sun and other forms of environmental damage. It can be used to help heal and soothe the skin to prevent stretch marks and healing of small wounds.

In the skin, argan oil makes a wonderful vehicle for oil mixtures anti-aging. It can also be used in nail and cuticle oils to promote healthy growth.

Argan oil is best known for its ability to improve strength and appearance of the hair. Use it as support mixtures of oils for repair split ends to experience the full potential of argan.

You can read more about this popular oil 11 Miracle Benefits of Argan oil for skin, hair and Health .

Ready to try it? You can buy a bottle of Pura D’or 100% pure argan oil from Morocco Organic here .

4. Avocado

Oleic acid – 65%

Linoleic acid – 15%

Plamitic acid – 14%

palmitoleic acid – 6%

The fruit of the avocado tree ( Persea americana ) is the oil of approximately 30%; and provides one of the most nutritious thick and supports our list. Avocado oil is the only carrier oils containing significant amounts of palmitoleic acid – a fatty acid is naturally present in human adipose tissues. Because it is a lipid, that our bodies recognize as “family”, palmitoleic acid absorbed and provides nutrients to the lower layers of the skin. This makes the oil ideal for mature skin, which tends to be thinner with a much slower rate of cell regeneration avocado.

Avocado oil is very thick and has a slow drying time, which makes it a good starting point for oil blends aromatherapy massage.

to create a mixture of lighter texture using avocado oil, mixed with about 20% of sweet almond oil.

The fatty acids in avocado oil are naturally antiinflammatory. The oil also has many vital nutrients and antioxidants; including chlorophyll, lecithin and potassium as well as vitamins A, D and E. As such, is extremely effective in mixing oil for treating inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is also an ideal vehicle mixtures proposed for repairing damaged tissue.

You can read more about this airline 10 incredible benefits of avocado oil for health and beauty .

Also, pick up a bottle of Beauty Solutions 100% pure avocado oil cold pressed if you want to try it for yourself.

5. Coconut oil

lauric acid – 49%

myristic acid – 16%

Palmitic acid – 9.5%

decanoic – 8%

Caprylic acid – 7%

Oleic acid – 6.5%

oil coconut fruit ( Cocos nucifera ) is currently the reigning king of all carrier oils. This oil provides an almost incredible number of health benefits. (Many of them can be found here and several more here .)

just to name a few, coconut oil is naturally few antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial; and can help balance the levels of blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and hormones. Coconut oil is cleansing and nourishing for the skin, hair and nails; It is known to prevent seizures in children with drug-resistant epilepsy; and it is thought to be a prevention of certain forms of cancer.

For if we are enough, the use of coconut oil (internal and external) can actually make your whole body smells better!

That said, coconut oil is the ideal starting point for almost any oil mixture – the only exceptions for people with allergies or coconut oil blends whose odors conflict with the fruity smell of this company amazing.

pick up some awesome recipes coco-and these 10 ways to replace your personal care products with coconut oil to see the versatility of this vehicle really is.

Furthermore, if you do not already have a bottle of CO laying around the house, you will definitely need one of those. For consistently high quality (and delicious taste), we recommend this Nutiva 100% organic, unrefined, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil !

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6. Babassu

lauric acid – 50%

myristic acid – 20%

Palmitic acid – 11%

Oleic acid – 10%

Similar in appearance and texture of coconut oil, babassu ( Attalea speciosa ) also has many of the same health benefits as his cousin coconut. This is because babassu oil contains many of the same fatty acids such as coconut. In fact, there are only three major notable differences between the two oils.

The first is that babassu not smell so fruity. This makes it better for mixing essential oils whose aromas conflict with the scent of coconut.

Second, babassu soaks in a bit faster than coconut oil. Therefore, it leaves skin feeling as fat and is best for oily skin. Also, because it does not stop at your skin as long as coconut oil, babassu tends to create less clutter on your clothes, furniture, screens phones and tablets, or (God forbid) knobs the doors.

The third and most intriguing different between the two is that babassu oils creates a cooling sensation when in contact with skin. This and its lighter texture make it ideal for many summer mixes where you want to stay calm and continue to provide your skin with food lauric acid.

You can read all about quirky cousin coconut oil 17 Reasons you need babassu oil in your life !

Also, when you’re ready to try, I recommend this Dr. lovely 100% pure cold pressed organic babassu oil .

7. black cumin seeds

Linoleic acid – 58%

Oleic acid – 24%

Palmitic acid – 14%

seed oil Black Cumin (also commonly known as simply black seed oil) is extracted from the seeds of Negella sativa flower black cumin.

Of all the natural oils from plants in the world, black seed oil has the highest proportion of omega-6 and omega-3 – to 56: 1. This super-concentration of fatty acids omega- 6 fatty acids (linoleic acid) has led many to call black cumin seeds “the cure for everything but death”.

is list of health benefits include anti-cancer, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties powerful. seed oil black is also known to boost immune function, promote liver and cardiovascular health, blood pressure and blood sugar balance, it helps you lose weight, stimulate cell regeneration to help heal the skin and prevent scarring and to protect against neuro mind -degenerative diseases.

That said, you can use the oil of black cumin seeds as a vehicle for just about anything you want. It’s that good for your body! You can catch all the incredible details in this article .

When you are ready to buy a bottle, try this Kiva Organic cold pressed, Raw Black Seed Oil .

8. borage seed

Linoleic acid – 39%

gamma-linolenic acid – 20%

Oleic – 18%

palmitic – 10%

Borage oil is harvested from Borago officinalis (commonly known as the “borage”); and is the richest known source natural gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) – one of the healthy fatty acids in exsitence

is super high concentration of GLA makes borage seed oil one of the best natural anti-inflammatories around supports. It is ideal for all skin types.

Use borage seed as support for anti-aging oil blends to give them an extra touch powerful!

If only one carrier oil for skin healing and anti-aging is bought, borage seed is the one! Give this pure organic cold-pressed oil, unrefined oil, borage seed try. (Your skin will thank you!)

9. Flaxseed

alpha-linolenic acid – 55%

Oleic acid – 20%

Linoleic acid – 15%

Palmitic acid – 7%

Another incredibly popular carrier oil offering outstanding performance is very flaxseed. Also known as linseed oil, extracted from the seeds of Linum usitatissimum flax plant.

Flaxseed is the richest source (concentration) of alpha-linolenic acid in the natural world. This puts it among the best-of-the-best for natural carrier oils.

is a natural anti-inflammatory that is so effective that linseed oil even recommended for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. It is used for topical mixtures to relieve pain and to relieve inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Check out these 14 Reasons to eat more fascinating Flaxseed to get a better idea of ​​what it really is amazing this little seed!

If you are ready to buy a bottle, give this Pride Organic flaxseed oil Puritan an opportunity!

10. Avellana

Oleic acid – 74%

Linoleic acid – 17%

Palmitic acid – 8%


is pressed hazelnut roasted beans Corylus avellana common hazel. As expected, this support has a mild nutty flavor similar to that of a whole hazelnut.

This carrier is beneficial in blends of oils designed for acne prone skin, as well as other inflammatory skin conditions.

hazelnut oil quite easily absorbed into the skin, soften and moisturize as it does.

Because of its nutty aroma, this vehicle also makes a great base for many blends earthy, spicy and woodsy aroma.

If you like the taste of hazelnuts, it is a vehicle must try. Pick up a bottle of organic cold pressed hazelnut oil here .

11. hemp seed

Linoleic acid – 60%

alpha-linolenic acid – 20%

Oleic acid – 12%

Palmitic acid – 6%

Because hemp seed oil are sources of Cannabis sativa this company has earned an unjustified bad reputation. In fact, hemp seed is one of the healthy carrier oils on our list. With its rich concentrations of linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids, hemp seed oil provides some benefits for health very powerful when used either internally or externally.

As a carrier oil, hempseed is a potent anti-inflammatory and a natural antioxidant. It promotes skin healing and regeneration, while working to prevent staining and premature aging. Because it also has a light texture and not greasy, hemp seed is ideal for use in facial oil blends for all skin types.

Moreover, the hemp seed oil is a natural painkiller. Using it as a basis for mixtures of topical pain-relieving oils or deep tissue massage.

More information about this incredible, oil underrated in 12 ways to use hemp seed oil will improve your health and your life .

If you want to buy hemp seed oil, you can pick up a bottle of seed oil Mari Choice Organic herbal cannabis here .

12. Jojoba

eicosenoic acid – 77%

erucic acid – 12%

Oleic acid – 9%


is extracted from jojoba seeds Simmondsia chinensis jojoba tree. Technically a wax, not a true jojoba oil contains some of the fatty acids of longer any vehicles on our list chain.

The primary constituents in jojoba oil are indigestible for human beings. However, the combination of fatty acids in tallow oil mimic natural our skin so closely that absorbs jojoba better than most other carriers.

Jojoba is a natural fungicide, so it is ideal for oil blends for treating topical fungal infections.

it is also deeply nourishing for the skin, hair, nails and cuticles. This – combined with its rapid absorption rate – jojoba makes an excellent vehicle for all types of topical moisturizers

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Moreover, the unique fatty acid profile of jojoba oil give a very long shelf life. When mixed with other carrier oils, jojoba confers resistance to oxidation at the other oils in the mixture strength.

Be sure to check the following 12 amazing benefits of jojoba oil for beautiful skin and hair for more tips on how to use this unique support.

If you want to buy a bottle of jojoba, it is recommended Leven Rose 100% pure organic unrefined cold-pressed jojoba oil for consistent quality.

Kukui nut 13.

Linoleic acid – 40%

alpha-linolenic acid – 26%

Oleic acid – 25%

palmitic – 6%

walnut oil

Kukui is extracted from the seeds of Aleurites Moluccas also known as the tree “candlenut”. It is a light oil, which is excellent for those who want a good nutritious carrier oil that will not leave a greasy film.

Kukui nut oil is nourishing for the skin and hair and is a great base for massage oils. can also be used as carrier kukui oil blends for moisturizing skin, acne treatment, or conditioning the hair and scalp.

Kukui is also very soothing to damaged skin. Specifically, kukui nut oil is more effective in mixtures of oils to relieve pain and discomfort of burns caused by overexposure to the sun or radiation resulting from chemotherapy.

Please note that the kukui nut oil oxidizes much more easily than many of the other companies on our list. Therefore, you should always be stored in a cool dark to prolong its life and maintain quality place.

To test this delicate, nutritious carrier; you can pick up a bottle of Dr. lovely organic pure Kukui nut oil cold pressed here .

Olive 14.

Oleic acid – 75%

Linoleic acid – 16%

Palmitic acid – 8%

One of the cooking oils most popular in the world, olive oil (extracted from the fruit of Olea europaea ) has many more uses outside the kitchen inside her.

Olive oil is best known for its rich oleic acid content – the highest of any natural source. In fact, “oleic” literally translates from Greek as “relating to or derived from olive oil.”

Olive oil has a long list of health benefits when ingested incredible; not least of which include better cholesterol and cardiovascular health. However, as mentioned above, olive oil goes beyond cooking . It can be used in almost any type of skin as the oil is light enough and does not clog pores. Moreover, the herbaceous aroma olive oil this support allows to mix well with most essential oils flavor categories.

Olive oil is also perfect for mixtures hydrated and repair damaged hair as it dries quickly and does not leave your hair looking fat or weighted down.

A word of warning :. When choosing an olive oil, beware of “cheap” brands as these oils vegetable oils are usually mixed with less expensive (and unhealthy) in order to reduce manufacturing costs

If you are not sure which brands are the ‘bad guys’; it is better to err on the side of caution. Consider giving this Bragg pure, unrefined, organic, extra virgin olive oil an opportunity. It tastes amazing and is guaranteed to be pure olive oil 100%!

palm kernel 15.

lauric acid – 48%

myristic acid – 16%

Oleic acid – 15%

Palmitic acid – 8%

kernel oil

Palma, harvested from the fruits of Elaeis guineensis (also known as African palm) should not be confused with palm oil. Despite derived from the same tree, these two oils are almost polar opposites. While palm oil is composed primarily of palmitic and oleic oils, and is liquid at room temperature; palm kernel oil has a higher melting point, similar to coconut oil and babassu.

As with coconut and babassu oil, palm kernel oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to nourish the skin conferring a wide variety of health benefits.

palm kernel can use as a carrier oil blends to smooth, moisturize and repair skin. Or use it for mixing hair and scalp oil to promote the growth of thicker and stronger hair; Also adding a healthy glow to your lovely locks. (See also: Clever 6 ways to use coconut oil for gorgeous hair to pick up some tips on using saturated palm oils in your hair.)

Dr. lovely organic pure palm kernel oil cold pressed – 32 oz

16. Seed Granada

punicic acid – 78%

Linoleic acid – 7%

Oleic acid – 6%

Palmitic acid – 3%

stearic acid – 3%

seed oil contains a rare form Granada linolenic fatty acid – conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), also known as acid punicic . The name for the bush Granada ( Punica granatum ), punicic acid is in its larger amounts only in Granada seeds; and it is responsible for most health benefits oil.

Like the rest of the fruit, seed oil is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory Granada powerfully; and it is known to significantly increase the epidermal cell regeneration. This makes the oil seed Granada one of the absolute best oils aging mixtures and those intended to heal damaged skin.

I See for yourself with this Dr. lovely 100% pure organic oil seed Granada !

17. Onagra

Linoleic acid – 75%

gamma-linolenic acid – 11%

Palmitic acid – 6%

Oleic acid – 6%

The oil extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose ( Oenothera biennis ) is highly valued for its high concentration of ultra gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). The oil has been used to treat everything from digestive to hormonal imbalances in women disorders.

In mixtures of oil, evening primrose oil used for clearing acne or inflammatory skin conditions like eczema. It is also ideal to include scalp treatments to clarify leather dandruff, prevent hair loss or to promote growth of stronger, healthier hair .

You can read more about this in seven great benefits of evening primrose oil .

When ready to experience the magic of evening primrose oil by itself, try this Renewalize organic, cold-pressed evening primrose oil !

18. Seeds rosehip

Linoleic acid – 47%

alpha-linolenic acid – 29%

Oleic acid – 15%

oils rosehip seed is extracted from the seeds of Rosa moschata rosehip. Not to be confused with rosehip fruit seed oil rosehip contains no vitamin C (a popular belief). However, it does contain something much better than that – the trans-retinoic acid, a natural form of vitamin A. This high concentration of oil and alpha-linolenic acid to seed oil rosehip one of the most sought after carriers for natural skin care.

Use oil rosehip seed mixtures for aging fading scars, soothing irritation and redness, prevention grooves and the clarification of the spots; Just to name a few.

When your ready to try it, pick up a bottle of Radha 100% pure, organic, seed oil cold pressed rosehip .

19. Sesame

Oleic acid – 36%

Linoleic acid – 41%

Palmitic acid – 8%

Stearic acid – 5%

Although most people consider sesame oil ( Sesamum indicus ) to be a food, can also be used as a carrier oil.

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