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The top ten risk factors for having a stroke

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brain-scan(NaturalHealth365) Each year, about 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke . Strokes occur when the blood supply to the brain is blocked. This can be caused by a blood clot or blood vessels burst. However, environmental and lifestyle conditions also a factor in the causes of stroke.

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blood in the brain results in a lack of oxygen to the tissues. This lack of nutritious oxygen so that the disappearance of brain cells ago. Depending on the severity, stroke can cause paralysis of the body, confusion, memory loss, speech difficulties, and temporary or permanent disability.

In many cases, a stroke can be so severe that it causes death. Of the 15 million people who suffer a stroke each year, 5 million are permanently disabled, and 6 million of them die.

In the past, the causes of stroke were mainly associated with aging. However, new research is involving factors such as air pollution, diet and prescription drugs as main components. By some estimates, as much as 30 percent of all strokes worldwide as caused by air pollution, both at home and environment .

However, there are many other risk factors for stroke. About 90 percent of the risk factors for stroke are related to lifestyle considerations that can be addressed and changed. The 10 major risk factors for stroke are:

• High blood pressure
• Low consumption of fruits
• High body mass index (BMI)
• Excess sodium
• cigarette smokers
• not eating enough vegetables
• air pollution
• pollutants exposure to household
• not eating enough whole grains
the high levels of blood glucose

medicines, including medicines prescribed correctly, can also be a major cause of stroke; This is a risk factor that is often overlooked. However, control of these risk factors for stroke could prevent up to 75 percent of strokes suffered worldwide.

While most of these causes of strokes are related to diet and lifestyle, global pollution and air quality must be examined. China areas and big cities around the world tend to have higher pollution rates than in rural areas. If a person or family is not able to move from a contaminated area, they are forced to endure these conditions.

Of course, if you can not avoid an area with poor air quality -. Thinking about buying an air purification system and have a lot of plants in your home

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Moving away from industrial areas and reducing exposure to household products based chemically as personal care and cleaning substances can help reduce the risk of stroke. However, it is essential that governments around the world to give priority to public health policies and programs related to air pollution. Because, after all, companies can not afford to behave so irresponsibly towards our environment.

Meanwhile, the individual can cope with risk factors for stroke options related to their diet, health and lifestyle. Eat more organic fruits and vegetables is a good place to start. Increasing exercise and avoid processed salt, sugar, alcohol and snuff is also essential.

health problems like hypertension and blood sugar should be treated. Whenever possible, use natural remedies instead of drugs. Getting enough vitamin C and D daily has also been shown to reduce the risk of stroke.





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