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The surprising health benefits of drinking beer

C Ould a glass of beer a day helps you live longer?

Researchers at the Mediterranean Institute of Neurobiology in Italy seem to think so. They have published a study showing that drinking moderate amounts of beer a day may reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 25 percent.

The team concluded, after a thorough review of over 150 studies that consumption of up to 2.8 liters of beer a day for men, or half that for women, they could have a beneficial effect on the health of your heart.


However, there are health benefits more surprising that hide in your pint glass than you think …

1. the beer reduces the risk of kidney stones


L ast year, a study suggests that the risk of developing kidney stones decreases by increasing beer consumption.

Finnish researchers, led by Dr. Tero Hirvonen National Public Health Institute in Helsinki, used their detailed study of 27,000 middle-aged men concluded that “each bottle of beer consumed per day It was calculated to reduce the risk by 40 percent. ”

The authors noted that both water and alcohol found in beer is to increase urine flow and dilute the urine, thus reducing the risk of stone formation. Alcohol can also “increase calcium excretion”, the main constituent of kidney stones, Hirvonen said.

2. Beer protects you from heart attacks


a research team at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania found that dark beers and stouts can reduce the incidence of heart attacks.

Atherosclerosis – when the walls of the arteries become fur-up with cholesterol and other fatty substances – is known to cause heart problems, but Dr. Joe Vinson, a chemistry professor and lead author of a 2000 study revealed that beer can reduce the risk of this disease by as much as a medium.

However, the researchers were keen to add that moderation is key.

3. Beer reduces the risk of stroke


S he studies, both from the School of Medicine at Harvard and the American Stroke Association have shown that people who drink moderate amounts of beer can reduce your risk of stroke by up to 50pc, compared with nondrinkers.

Ischemic strokes are the most common type of stroke. They occur when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. However, when you drink beer, the arteries flexible and significantly improves blood flow.

As a result, any form blood clots, and their risk of having a stroke drops exponentially.

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4. Beer strengthens bones


B EER is known to contain high levels of silicon, an element that promotes bone growth.

However, you have to get the balance right. Academics Tufts University in Massachusetts found that while one or two glasses of beer a day could significantly reduce the risk of bone fracture, rather than actually increase the risk of breakage.

So be careful when you visit the pub: if you drink too much, your bones weak and those stumbling drunk night could result in unpleasant fractures. Drinking the right amount, however, and you can walk home with their bones and dignity in tact.


5. The beer reduces the risk of diabetes


I n 2011, Harvard researchers found that middle-aged men who drink one or two glasses of beer every day appear to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 25pc.

Dr. Michel Joosten, visiting professor at the School of Public Health at Harvard, studied 38,000 middle-aged men, and concluded that the alcohol content in beer increases sensitivity to insulin, which helps prevent diabetes. In addition, beer is a good source of soluble fiber -. A food material that helps control blood sugar and plays an important role in the diet of people suffering from diabetes

Therefore, if you have diabetes or not, a glass of beer is just what the doctor ordered.

6. Beer reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease


S he studies dating back to 1977 have suggested that beer drinkers can be up to 23pc less likely to develop cognitive impairment, disease Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

However, although the statistics speak for themselves – A studysurveyed more than 365,000 people – do not know why moderate drinking can have a beneficial effect. One theory suggests that the known cardiovascular benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, such as raising good cholesterol, can also improve blood flow in the brain and thus brain metabolism.

The silicon content of beer could also be responsible. Silicon is thought to protect the brain from the harmful effects of aluminum in the body -. One of the possible causes of Alzheimer’s disease

7. Beer can cure insomnia


B EER is a natural drink. Ales, stouts and lagers found to stimulate the production of dopamine, a compound that can be prescribed for patients with insomnia by a physician, in the brain.

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According to research conducted at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Indiana, beer simply tasting increases the amount of dopamine in the brain – and therefore make drinkers feel more calm and relaxed. However, scholars clarified that these effects after only a taste are achieved, and so a tiny portion 15 milliliters is all you need -. The equivalent of one tablespoon of beer

8. Beer can stop cataracts


T oo much and get your vision will be blurred, but consumes the right amount of beer and your eyes will benefit.

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario found that antioxidants found in beer, especially beer and stout, protected mitochondrial damage.

Cataracts form when the mitochondria – the parts of a responsible for converting glucose into energy cell – the outer lens of the eye are damaged. Antioxidants protect against this damage mitochondria, and therefore the study authors recommend a drink a day to keep the eye doctor away.

9. The beer could cure cancer


C beer Ould cure cancer? Scientists at the University of Idaho think so.

In January, at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers presented results suggesting a key ingredient in beer could be used in the fight against cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Acids humulones and lupulones, found in hops called, have the ability to stop bacterial growth and disease, and scientists hope to find a way to extract these compounds or synthesized in a laboratory for development asset for cancer -treating pharmaceutical agents.

10. Beer helps lose weight


I t may seem strange, considering we have called the “beer belly” after effects weight of alcohol, but researchers Oregon State University seems that beer can help you lose a few pounds.

The scientists published a study earlier this year, demonstrating that a compound called xanthohumol, are commonly found in hops, can reduce the chances of a person developing metabolic syndrome – a condition that It indicates obesity, high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, and high -Density bad lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels.

Unfortunately, the researchers concluded that humans would have to drink more than 3,500 liters of beer a day to feel the benefits of the compound ‘miracle’ -. So the point would need a miracle to be alive


The the amazing health benefits of drinking beer first appeared in healthy lifestyles 365 .

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