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The Shape of The Nose Says a Lot About the Character of the Person

The shape of the nose says a lot about the character of the person

experts say the nose reveals personality. If you want to know what kind of person is a person, so consider your nose and discover the main features of his character. Is a stable person or temperament? It is quiet or aggressive person? Check out!

nose shape reveals person character

straight nose

classic nose straight and narrow reveals an inspired person, but also very functional, which has the organizational capacity. These are people who in times of crisis, are good to have on your side. People with Greek noses not panic, think logically and know the emotions remain by themselves. At work they are very effective.

broad nose

extended nose are the people for whom are said to have leadership skills. Such nose reveals a strong personality, but not temperamental. People with such nose are moderate, not hasty in making decisions and have great ability to influence others. effective organizers meet and inspire others to act.

fleshy nose

At the root is narrow, but the entire length is expanding, the end is snub. Such noses are people who think fast ideas, and act quickly. People with a nose are so very smart and react quickly. Sometimes, too fast, this sometimes makes them aggressive. , It is believed that these people tend to be supportive and loyal partners.

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