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The Secret To Weight Loss Lies In Your Gut Bacteria

Your gut bacteria affects almost all bodily functions – from digestion of immunity, mood, level energy, state of the skin, and even weight gain / loss.

There is a growing amount of research that suggests your intestinal actually bacteria affects food cravings, metabolism, the way your body processes food and the amount of calories and nutrients your body absorbs of the food you eat. All this means, the billions of bacteria that live inside it may have something to say in his pant size.

What the research shows that:

A number of different studies show a diverse mix of intestinal bacteria is a key to maintaining a healthy weight. A 2013 study found that thin people have 70 percent more intestinal bacteria than people who are overweight.

Getting even deeper, the researchers found that the bacteria species are different in people who are obese compared to those who are poor.

Dr. Joseph Mercola he noted a study where researchers found that obese people are 20 percent more of a strain of bacteria called Firmicutes. Firmicutes help the body to pull calories from complex sugars and convert those calories into fat. When Firmicutes microbes were transplanted into mice of normal weight, the researchers noticed that the mice began gaining twice as fat.

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The same researchers also found that thin people have almost 90 percent more than one strain of bacteria called Bacteroidetes. Bacteroidetes is believed to help break down starches and fibers into shorter molecules that the body can use as energy.

Studies show Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes are not the only strains of bacteria that affect their weight.

gut bacteria

In 2010, researchers had a group of obese people drink fermented milk probiotic rich for 12 weeks. The researchers found that the group was able to reduce your belly fat by nearly five percent. They were also able to reduce subcutaneous fat by more than three percent.

Probiotics have been shown to improve intestinal flora

The only way to create greater diversity of the intestinal flora is ingesting probiotics. Gut Health Project recommends adding foods rich in probiotics to your diet and take a high quality probiotic supplement daily.

There are a number of foods rich in probiotics that can be added to your diet, including:

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not depend exclusively on food rich in probiotics to improve gut health, however. In fact, the amount of foods rich in probiotics that would have to eat in order to get great results sustainably is daunting. These foods tend to be expensive, hard to find, and not to every taste preference. That is why doctors, medical professionals, and guts Health Project recommends taking a daily supplement of probiotics high quality, such as essential Flora-7 .

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Why Essential Flora-7?

Research suggests up to 80% of probiotic brands are useless. The main reason for probiotic supplements is not because they are weak. Usually, capsules and tablets can not protect sensitive crops acids hard stomach. This means, beneficial bacteria never reach the intestine, where they can benefit your health.

essential Flora-7, however, is a supplement that comes with a power supply system patented BIO-tract® is the last safe passage for sensitive bacteria as it passes through the stomach. essential Flora- 7 also contains 7 superior probiotic strains and tested by a third party installation FDA to ensure quality.

For more information about how essential Flora-7 will rebalance your gut and help cleanse the colon more.

The power of probiotics

In addition to helping you control your weight, find out what else probiotics can do for your health in this brief presentation video:

Click here for more before it’s too late:

The message the secret to weight loss is in your intestinal bacteria first appeared in Gut Health Project .

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