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The secret of PV Sindhu’s exceptional fitness

racket skills aside, the defining attribute PV Sindhu during the last week has been his physical condition. The final 83 minutes are pulled Carolina Marin in virtue of his office superior court and not for Sindhu being found wanting in the extremities.

Behind the silver is a story of years of hard work. After all, the first 21 years of age, was reunited with coach Pullela Gopichand when she was all of eight years old. Fitness stronghold has been built since then and two crucial months of training prior to the Games were the height of a workload increasing incrementally over 12 years.

pv-sindhu-grand-welcome-2208 Full Time Work

“His daily schedule consists of three sessions, the first from the 4:00 a.m. . It continues until 6.30 or 7:00 a.m. . we can spend a maximum of one thousand shuttles per session, “says Gopichand coach with the Olympic medal touch. To put it in context, over the past 25 launchers, they were only used.

continues: “We return about eight for a couple of hours group session Then it’s back again around 11:00 a.m. for one hour. average. at night she has a gym session and a track or gym and run the session. “So how many hours a day is that? “Six to seven.” How many days a week? “Six”. Is your mind boggling yet? One moment, it becomes more intense.

Sindhu at least a 100 pushups and 200 sit-ups a day. The latter are not only one type but different variations (seven to eight) exercises that activate the core and abdominal muscles. Three times a week doing 600-700 abdominal routines. By a conservative estimate, which makes about 600 push-ups and abdominal exercises 2400 a week.


differentiated approach

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While Gopichand is the master planner and monitor overall performance fitness leaves the Kiran physio Challagundla. Kiran made his interlocutor realize how hard they have been working at his academy in Hyderabad to carry the silver.

“Sindhu is a tall girl. For her balance and stability exercises are essential. The routine has to keep changing and tweak each week. Graduate load is the key,” says Kiran. The player has a blood test every two months, so their nutrition and supplements can be adjusted to compensate for any deficiency. Your body weight and heart rate are constantly monitored to assess their physical condition.When it comes to build the kind of resistance that the demands of the sport, there are a lot of fieldwork involved. The same differentiated approach comes into play. “We do different things. Like two or three sets of ten races of 400 meters or 2.4 kilometers from execution. Some days, we pushed for a race of 10 km. The point is to keep the varied training and not let the body gets used to it and therefore stops growing, “says Kiran. progressive loading is what the fitness industry calls this.


What’s on your plate

It has been much talk of the ban, coach Gopichand junk food and sweets diet Sindhu in the run up to the Games. But it is elementary for him: “Sugar difficult recovery, which causes inflammation,” says Gopi. Kiran explains that becoming a champion means giving up the right to choose what you eat. If you have a child and raise dreams of Olympic glory, pay attention to this: “There is nothing like what she prefers Come what he says.”.

There is a constant supervision and every meal is measured out. “One of the challenges we have with Sindhu is that your appetite is much lower. We monitor every meal and we high-calorie food when she does not feel hungry enough,” says Kiran.

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Therefore also supplements are key. . “Even during the Games has been carrying three types of nutritional supplements in your bag These vary – .. High-energy, protein-based recovery or induction” They can be based bar or fluid energy


not yet at full potential

After six or fewer hours of training, the day is not yet done to Sindhu. Always recovery. “There are three bits that. Subsequent practice, at night and then the next morning. It consists of active recovery, which is yoga, sleep, relax by the pool and light fitness. Passive recovery is icing, massage , etc., “says Kiran.

Gopi is not too happy that Sindhu does not like pranayam (yogic breathing routines) too. “Yoga is very good, but they have to believe in it. I do and I hope that someday she will too,” says Gopi.

All this and are still not completely satisfied with it. “She is only 21 years old She will fill She can improve at least 20% in all aspects -… Of strength, endurance, balance … .to least a minimum of 20% can guarantee,” he says Kiran

Phew! There you go then performing leader needs a team that can put together a schedule that is set on a weekly basis. Better little? Even a silver later, they are not satisfied. Sindhu is certainly headed for more. After all 20% more of it will be a totally different monster on the court.

Courtesy: The Hindustan Times

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