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The San Francisco public restroom program aims to eliminate human feces in the streets

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – "It's a sad problem, a big problem"

"I've noticed. I'm here visiting from time to time."

What they have seen and noticed is not the most sanitary sight.

A quick review of the Poop Scoop SF Twitter account will verify that there is no lack of human feces in the streets of San Francisco daily.

Those who worked at a podiatry clinic on Chestnut Street in the Navy reported that there was poop at their door on Tuesday, the remains of which were still present on Wednesday.

"It is not a simple problem. It is not a unique solution. It is very complicated, but solving it in some way is important," said one resident.

One way the city is working to solve the problem is the pit stop program, which places public restrooms with staff in high-problem areas since 2014.

What started as a few in the Sirloin are now 24 locations in 13 different neighborhoods.

"Now we have them in Bayview, in the Sunset District, in Castro, so it has really been spreading," said Rachel Gordon of the Department of Public Works.

However, notably, the northern part of the city has none.

Gordon says that depending on the data, that could change soon.

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"We are going to expand the program, Mayor Breed has funds for seven new pit stops in this year's budget," Gordon said. "They are being manufactured now, we are in the process of seeing which locations make the most sense. We will examine all neighborhoods in the city."

Gordon says that although feces are still reported in the streets.

The pit stops work and, if you see any, you must report it.

"If you look at all the pitstops collectively, they are being used on average one per minute," he said. "We are tracking our data every month, we look to see where the steam requests are and this is how we are tracking that."

Source: https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/san-franciscos-public-restroom-program-aims-to-get-rid-of-human-feces-on-streets/

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