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The risk of dying from heart disease rather than any shape of cancer is higher for women!

The risk of dying from heart disease rather than any shape of cancer is higher for women!

Every woman is more focused on the care of his family who often forget to pay attention to your self. However, heart disease should not be ignored.

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Heart disease is the “leading cause of death for women ‘, 1 of 3 deaths per year, or approximately one woman every minute. Many women do not take this seriously and that the risk of dying from heart disease is much more possible than all forms of cancer.

‘disease coronary artery ‘the term is generally used with heart disease, but actually refers to the branch of heart disease and conditions that incorporate narrow or blocked blood vessels that can cause heart attack or stroke brain. the term “heart disease”, however, it can also refer to the difficulties in heart rhythm and heart defects, among others.

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Although heart attacks are common in both sexes, usually is different in men and women. Women are more exposed to or unexpected symptoms, signs such as shortness of breath, profuse sweating, dizziness, extreme fatigue and pain in the upper back, shoulders and jaw.

In addition, about 80 percent of women may have a risk factor manifests in your life that can increase heart problems, such as those mentioned above. Although we can not change our age, gender, genetic roots or family, we can certainly change our lifestyle.

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Here are some tips on how to avoid heart disease:

  1. quit :. If you are a regular smoker, the risk of heart disease is 2 to 6 times higher than women who do not smoke
  2. Being constantly / track your blood pressure : Yes you have hypertension, advise your doctor in order to reduce and maintain normal
  3. locate cholesterol . 1 / 4 women in the US They have high cholesterol. Check regularly and advice with your doctor to keep it under.
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  5. FID their ideal weight : you can simply advice with your doctor or nutritionist to change your diet and to find the perfect weight for you
  6. Being in a constant movement . experts say that 60 percent of US women They do not exercise regularly and 25 percent do not exercise at all. For about 30 minutes of good moves almost every day can reduce the risk.
  7. Diabetes : The risk of heart disease may increase in women who have diabetes. You should advise your doctor if anyone in your family has had this condition or if you have other signs or symptoms that indicate diabetes.

The The risk of dying of heart disease rather than any form of cancer is greater for women! appeared for the first time in concept of healthy life .

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