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The Relation Between Obesity and Stress – Part 6

Relationship between obesity and stress

Cortisol is the hormone that the body releases when stressed. This hormone causes the same signals in the brain as a famine.

This is also why most people today are prone to stress overeating. Most of us do not even know that we have been stress eating, because it seems normal, casual response. However, recent studies have found that stress is a major contributor to obesity.

When under stress, our body needs or requires certain types of foods called comfort foods. comfort foods are often than not, foods containing fructose, sugars and salts, flavoring and preservatives. We know what makes this type of food to insulin resistance in our body …

Elissa Epel conducted a study showing the extent to which stress affects our diet. During his study it found that meditation can actually help reduce stress and stress reduction can affect eating patterns in a positive way, reduce obesity.

may only a step in the right direction for all of us trying to fight obesity and the long list of diseases that accompany it.

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Sameena Kenaz

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