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The Realms Have Begun to Shift

I am known as Michael. I’m the one who has remained behind you, who has supported you, who has been separated from their pain, their anger, their limitations. I’m the one who walks with you on this day. I ask you to attract and call upon me standing on the front, back, left, right, up and down your energies. I ask you to call me on a daily basis and ask me to cover you with my protection.

The kingdoms have begun to change. Like two tectonic plates that slide from side to side. In this displacement, there is a surface difference. There’s a crack in-between worlds between dimensions and between known realities. The energies of this tectonic tilting comes in the form of earth changes, personnel changes, celestial changes. This tectonic energy and tectonic flux will effect your biological body. There will be separation within the body, the mind and the thought process. What this means is that the body reacts differently, as if there has been a time change, the separation of action and human thought. You have an idea, there will be a pause, and then the body will react. There is a time lag between thought and biological function. You will do something, but do not have memory in this area.

This definition of time between thought and biological action is deliberate. No reactions especially be delayed on earth. for which it is going through a time shift that will affect everything and all actions and re-actions. This gives your mind an opportunity to change, and change slowly. In the pause of the celestial light, is the hope that it will embrace change and stop fighting your divinity.

Time will feel sufficiently decreased enough so you can almostsee flower bloom. You can see the seed begins to germinate. You can see the hummingbird wings motionless. You have already begun to notice this as its sunrises and sunsets. There is a noticeable difference and feel in the subtle levels of your being. Everything and everyone knowssomething has changed.

is given a slowdown expand– time so you can not contract. It is given in the mean time away from the contractions of their world, their money, their health, their thoughts, in the expansions of the divinity that needs to be moreinvolved in life, money in the future the earth .

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At this time the slowdown case, this laborious energies methodical see as God breathing healing light on what hurts, what limits, on what keeps captive and a victim of circumstances. Allow the energies of the universe to breathe through you. In the eyes of God -. Expansion and contraction are more than

Time and energy will slow enough to allow the tears heal in time.

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