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The position of sleep affects health and beauty

The position of sleep affects health and beauty

You may not believe, but the position sleep significantly affects their health.

It has been shown that some positions are healthier than others. There are also positions that should be avoided. Although we can not control your body, ie, the position in which we sleep, gradually change your sleep routine.

The best way is – to try to sleep in a certain position. By obtaining the position of the body slowly used. After a while it becomes a position where it spends most of the night.

The best sleeping position is sleeping on your back. This stimulates blood flow to the brain. Back, neck and shoulders are in a neutral position, and reduces the likelihood of back pain.

An additional reason for sleeping on your back is the prevention of premature wrinkles. In addition, the chest will resist gravity. This position is best for snorers.

Good side sleep position is, especially if you sleep on the left side. This prevents snoring, reduce acid in the stomach, and is also good for people who have problems with neck and back pain.

Experts in this position sleep and recommend to pregnant women, since there is no pressure on the back. If you sleep on your side during pregnancy will improve your circulation, and doctors say that improving the health of mothers and babies.

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However, this position can be bad for your breasts and skin.

Sleeping on your side can cause premature wrinkling and chest will not be opposed to gravity.

Poor posture is the position of the fetus. Although it seems comfortable, which can obstruct breathing and working in some organs.

can also alter the appearance of the face and chest. Bend your back and tilt the head can cause back pain, neck and shoulders.
The worst position is sleeping on her stomach.

Sleeping on your stomach is bad for the spine, because it violates their natural position. It is very likely that in the morning back pain will feel.

Moreover, his head will be tilted to one side, can cause tension in the neck muscles. Sleeping on your stomach creates additional pressure on joints and muscles, which can cause pain, tingling and numbness in the extremities.

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