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The Monster Project: Kids art recreated

We all know that children are talented beyond measure. We can see its unlimited potential in everything they do, right?

Okay, so sometimes that can fade a little like ourselves busy with our adult life, or life gets a little tired and tense and all you can focus on is getting those chips kale in the polygon Industrial furnace and finally sit down to a cup of tea.

Good guys The Monster Project proud to see the magic in the imagination of children, and showing them that their creations are extremely cool – to get the graphic designers and illustrators adults to recreate in their own style, using their skills adulty.

Here are just some of the zany monsters -. here You can find more


Gianluca Maruotti

Aj Jeffries


Elisa Ferro

Milan Vasek

Guillaume Kurkdjian

Stuart Wade

Marijke Burrlage

Zoe Persico

Jean-Pierre Le Roux

Katie Johnson

Mercy Lomelin


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