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The Man Who Discovered Cancer Said This…. You Will Never Hear This From Your Doctor

Oxygen deficiency is initially what really causes cancer, its root cause, says Dr. Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg H, responsible for discovering the true cause of cancer.

This deficiency causes an acidic state of the human body. Dr. Warburg also revealed that cancer cells do not breathe oxygen (which is anaerobic), so, they can not survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, and alkaline state.

Without exception, despite all absolutely normal cells require oxygen, cancer cells can live without. When a cell is deprived of 35% of its oxygen, which can become cancerous in 48 hours.

What plays an essential role in maintaining the pH levels in the body is diet. pH balance is balance alkali and acid in all cells and fluids in the body. In order to survive, the body must maintain levels of blood pH at a slightly alkaline level.


is a fact that the bad bacteria, parasites, viruses and Candida overgrow in acidic environments. Furthermore, an alkaline environment neutralizes bacteria and other pathogens.

Unfortunately, modern lifestyle is filled with toxic diets and acid forming foods such as refined grains, genetically modified organisms, processed sugars, etc.

This leads to unhealthy acidic pH, and an unbalanced pH can disrupt cell functions and activities. If it is too acidic, the pH can cause serious health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cancer and heartburn. If the body is in an acidic state for a longer period, the aging process accelerates.

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Therefore, to maintain the pH balance is a necessity in order to preserve our health. There is always a natural remedy, so here is how to make home remedy for heartburn:

  • 1/3 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice or cider vinegar organic apple

The acid / base combination will immediately start to bubble when the ingredients are mixed together. Keep adding sodium bicarbonate until effervescence ceases. Then fill the glass with 8 oz. Water. neutralize the pH and create an environment alkaline- formation in the body.

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