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The jaded generation


We are tired even before I wake, follow the procedure as robots throughout the day, and eludes us sleep at night because of fatigue. Exhaustion epidemic is upon us. How did we get here?

Look around you … how many rabbits energy is what you see? Probably none. Perhaps one. At most two. Now has slouching ones – either in their cubicles, in the subway or even at home? How many there are? Doctors say, one in five of us is in a state of almost permanent depletion

Physicians have a useful acronym for this syndrome, where patients complain of fatigue while -. TATT (tired all the time). general practitioner Dr. Dheeraj Dayal says: “These days, I treat more people for exhaustion fever or sore throat Sometimes, it is chronic and get hospitalized Others need a holistic plan to learn to relax -… a change in your lifestyle “

why we are always so tired?

research by market analysts Mintel reveals that of one in three Americans admit they are used permanently out because of the pace of modern life. As a result, sales of supplements such as ginseng, energy drinks and energy bars have soared like never before.

As we move towards a 24/7 work culture, more time is spent on our desks, no time to relax at home with their loved ones, not enough vacation to rest our tired, body, mind and soul. Add this to the lack of exercise and breathing clean air, and an epidemic exhaustion is obtained.

says psychologist Bhawna Monga, “The problem is that people are not aware of how tired they are, and even if some are, they serious chance to recover not leave. There is a paranoia that they will lose However, if they let go of some things and relax. “

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Two worlds collide

A study by The Economist a few years ago said that we are more exhausted than any other generation so far in history. They called the 30-somethings victim of two colliding trends – acceleration and deceleration down at the same time. The need to accelerate work objectives involved. Increasing in a position of chief executive officers or senior leaders in any organization; priming begins a decade earlier. So 30 and many do not have the time to slow down. However, this is also the time most people settle down, have children. So there is a demand to reduce speed at home. It is this constant tension and pressure of the two polar opposite demands made on our bodies and minds that our generation has left on the edge.

Do a Positive Plan

The question is how you learn to slow down and relax? Experts say that you have to be prepared to face to face with exhaustion. If you see symptoms, accept the fact that you are tired. . Then get your action plan ready

– Test your breath: The breath is the most basic and immediate way to combat stress. But there is a difference between breathing to live and breathe to thrive. If you make a conscious effort to deepen your breathing, sleep better, have more control over their mood. – Connect with Nature: Nature has built to relieve stress mechanisms. According to the Center for Disease Control, a maximum of 148 industrial chemicals move through our bloodstream at a given time. Make sure you go to a park every day, and see the natural beauty without long gaps. – Rest: lack of sleep causes significant energy loss. Not stay awake to play with their devices. – The resentments and regrets: Holding on to anger or sadness depletes our energy and our soul kills slowly. Learning to let go of resentments. According to experts, the emotional bond helps people gain energy. Surround yourself with family, friends, well-wishers.

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Blackbirds feel the pressure too!

Research from the University of Glasgow and the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany, concluded that city life significantly alter our body weight per day clock, which we active longer, and less rested. The group studied stressors in male blackbirds in cities when left in the wild. City blackbirds began their daily activities around 30 minutes before sunrise, while forest birds began their day at sunrise. The birds of the city ended their days around nine minutes later, which means they were active for about 40 minutes every day and circadian rhythms of urban birds “(daily) were altered, run faster at 50 minutes forest birds and being clearly less robust. This research showed that the internal clock even an animal species changed while sharing the human habitat.

in our time, when few of us have physically demanding jobs, that are destroying ourselves through psychological factors.

Elliot Berkman, professor of psychology

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