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The Heartbreaking And Uplifting Life Of Keanu Reeves. This Is Why He Is the Nicest Guy in Hollywood

Unfortunately, at the age of 50 Keanu life has been affected more tragedy than most people would experience in double time.

Despite the many setbacks that have kept most people, Keanu kept pushing.

Here’s the real sad story, Keanu Reeves, followed by some of the reasons why it is an even more impressive in real life person that any of the characters he has played.

his father abandoned his family at an early age

When Keanu was only three years old, his father, leaving his family. I still kept in touch for a few years to six years. After the divorce of her parents, her family moved from town to town. Because they moved so often, Keanu attended four high schools. He also had problems with dyslexia, so school was a challenge for him. Eventually he left high school without a diploma, but is an avid reader of today.


is surrounded by death

In 1993, his best friend River Phoenix after a drug overdose died at the age just 23. that in itself would be enough to make even the strongest in the world to break person. That sort of thing never leaves you.

During his AMA Reddit last year, Keanu answered a question about what River Phoenix was like:

“It was an extraordinary actor and human being We get along very well. and I miss it. I think of him often. “

then in 1998, Keanu meets Jennifer Syme. The two fell in love and for 1999 was pregnant with her daughter. But tragedy continued when eight months pregnant, her child was stillborn. The two were torn apart by the death of his daughter, but still remained close friends. However, only 18 months later, Syme died in a car accident.

But despite all that, he has persevered!

While death is inevitable, it is always heartbreaking shatteringly land. How Keanu even walking at this time is beyond me, much less important protagonist of blockbusters like The Matrix .

If Keanu Reeves was cursed in a previous life to have death as a constant companion, I would not surprise me. I probably work alongside you to get the curse lifted too, because that kind of pain is just ridiculous.

Instead of stewing about pain and loss, I guess because I’d be more inclined to do, Keanu does not blame the world. Instead, use your free time to make the world a slightly better place.

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he does not care about the money


Keanu is a serious type of charity. He is known in Hollywood to give much more than what was asked of people who helped make his career possible. While most of the actors give some token of appreciation to the crew when filming wraps, after the success of The Matrix and its sequels, Reeves gave an estimated $ 80 million of its $ 114 million earnings for special effects and makeup staff.

also took voluntary pay cuts in films like The Replacements and devil’s advocates for actors like Gene Hackman and Al Pacino would agree to be in the films, while maintaining the quality within budget.

, but it is not only professionally …

There are also some personal accounts of people who have experienced firsthand the goodness Keanu. A few years ago, Redditor Kahi made the following comment in a thread about the sad meme Keanu:

“A family friend build movie sets, not design, is one of the poor guys who just built. anyway, worked on the set of the Matrix and heard Keanu talk about family problems she was having and gave him a Christmas bonus $ 20,000 to help him. he was also one of the only people in the group really wanted to know people’s names, would greet not only in word, and would talk to people as if they were their peers and not below him only because they were practically doing nothing to build a set. I have never heard anyone say Keanu is a shower, it seems the nicest person in Hollywood from a second-hand experience. ”

In his AMA said about keeping your life as simple as you can. And in 2003, Keanu said Hello! Magazine:

“Money is the last thing I think I could live on what I have done for centuries to come.”.

Also, it is that Keanu dropping it actually is immortal? Maybe.

is a type really considered

Short shoutout here for a couple of reasons. First, Keanu Reeves is probably worth more than $ 100 million, however, he decides to ride the subway like a normal person. Maybe he’s trying to reduce their carbon footprint, or want to connect with people. Either way, it should be down to earth and generally fantastic.

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Second, leaving his seat to a woman without even a hesitation. He sees her holding her gym bag, and immediately offers his seat. What a great guy!

He has a sense of humor

During AMA Keanu, not just him some thoughtful, and interesting answers, but also showed that he has a great sense of humor.

When asked how he felt about the – not entirely flattering – Sad Keanu meme, who responded with:

“My first experience with it was sad Keanu, and I thought it was fun!”

Of course yes, Keanu! Because only’re the best guy ever.

He cares for his family


Keanu became the caretaker for her sister, Kim, after she he was to diagnose leukemia. During the battle a decade of his sister, who has donated numerous private and publicly cancer associations, research centers and hospitals.

He even created his own charity, but decided to attach his name to it. Some of the charities that are supported Against Cancer and the Foundation for Sick Children.

He’s so Wise is almost scary

When asked in 1995 how he would define happiness, reportedly Reeves made the following statement:

“In the bed with my lover, bicycling, sports, happy moments with my friends, talking, learning, earth, dirt, a beautiful meal with friends, family with wine and the new glorious and happy food and energy and enthusiasm and passion for life. I like being in the desert, in nature, being in spaces of extraordinary, high character in a tree or on the ground, hanging out with my family, my sisters. “

That is a really beautiful definition of happiness, especially for a 30 year old. I think I will take in my own life. Another piece of evidence that could be an immortal genius sent to earth to teach us how to live better? Could be.

So there we have it, however, the real sad story of Keanu Reeves. When asked how it is possible, through all his pain, he has maintained his position as one of the nicest guys in the business and was so grounded, he said:

” it is easy to be grounded. the plant is very close. And we walked on it every day. ”

Very true, Keanu. Very true.

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