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The Girl Who Is Always Single Won’t Be Easy To Love, But She Will Be Worth It

She could be hard to read at first because it is not sure, but bear with it.

There are days when she could pop the phone and days she could not answer his texts. There are days when she will want to be cradled in his arms and days you do not want to touch it. There are ups and downs, there are mixed signals and there are plenty of concerns that run through your mind, because she is the girl who is used to being alone.

She wants afford to make and open up to you, but part of your questions if or will not go. She’s used to being alone so the last thing you want is to allow itself to open, to feel comfortable and vulnerable have to walk.

She knows what it feels like to have someone walk on it, she knows what it feels like to have someone turn their backs when things get tough, she knows it feels like leaving because she felt too many times.

Loving the girl who is always simple can be challenging at first, she has built its walls because here have become home and comfort. She has not built a house of anyone but herself because she has learned that the only person who will always be there for her is her.

been a long time investment itself, investment in creating their own happiness and investing in their own hobbies that allowing it into your life is scary.

scary because for so long it has been used to doing things on their own. When she has an itch on the back She’s the scratching. When you need something from the top of the platform it is she who is in a wheelchair to get it.

She has mastered living in their own for herself, but enters his life would completely turn around their world and scary.

She probably thought in love for a while, but the idea always seemed so far out of reach. He probably thought that love was not in his deck of cards, but then came and scared the hell out of it. For as much as you want in your life, the only thing scarier than he lets is that you find. She can handle out, she has mastered the art of collecting herself again and move on, but she does not know what he would do if actually fell.

It has become so comfortable in his own that the idea of ​​scratching the back or the idea that to reach the top shelf that makes it a bit uncomfortable, because although they dominated on their own, once you enter and start doing those things so that she does not want you to stop. After she is comfortable with you in your life you will not want to leave and that’s the most difficult for her to grasp.

The girl who is always alone knows to be unique and knows how to deal with getting back up on her own, but she does not know how to deal with you stay.

bear with her because the girl who is always alone love the hell out of you, but only she could take a little more time to feel comfortable with you.

She’ll love the way it is so high that you do not need a stool to stand, she’ll love how the back scratching, is going to make love morning coffee, she will want you to give a hand the kitchen, she will love sleeping beside you. She’ll love every second you have with you because once the perpetually single girl gets comfortable with you, she will open her heart to you and let you in, so please do not abuse it.

Falling for someone who gave his heart to him and who has permission after he opened destroy, so please be kind.

She may not be easy to love at first, but I can promise it will be worth once peeling walls built around them and prove you’re in this for the long term.

She will make it worthwhile.

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