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The Disease of Horse's Neck Caused by Drinking Alcohol

Eating foods or drinking too much is not good for health, especially if the food and drink that we know he has the risks and negative health effects. In this case I focus on the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Everyone knows that alcohol consumption has negative effects on health.
Furthermore, the label, we can see clearly that contain harmful substances. Containing? Ethanol contains psychoactive substances as ingredients.
Of course, these substances can lead to a decrease in consciousness. It is clear that this simply does not have advantages for the body? in fact, many people enjoy drinking alcohol until they feel addicted.
do not know it’s a hobby or a lifestyle. They do not consider the warning. One of the diseases caused by alcohol consumption “horse collar” . As its name implies, this disease attacks the necks.
Horse’s Neck disease
What is the horse neck disease?
As quoted from page kejadiananeh.com In the medical book, neck disease horse is popular as Madelung’s disease. People who suffer from these diseases will feel swelling behind the ears. Then it spreads to the throat and neck. All are covered by fat clogged.
Finally, the swollen flesh in the throat up to 15 cm thick. Of course, this makes it difficult to breathe. Seeing this disease, we understand that it is difficult for people suffering from the disease the horse’s neck to make your activity. They can breathe easily.
On the other hand, will be difficult to move your body, especially the head. This disease, the horse’s neck, is caused by excessive alcohol consumption. In other words, substances of alcoholic beverages cause swelling of the neck area.

“Case Study of the horse’s neck “
there was a man in China. He suffers this type of disease because of excessive drinking. His name is Hong Shu Guangzho. The sign of the disease horse happened to him. The neck is inflammation resulting from fat clogged. It’s hard for him to do his daily activities. also it felt difficult to breathe. He was 53 years old. His habit was drinking too much alcohol.
since I was young, his hobby was drinking alcohol. He drank alcohol for 30 years. He liked to drink Baiju. What is it? It is very popular drink in China. It is made from fermented rice with 40 to 60 percent alcohol content. Can you ceerlo? Every day Hung Shu Baiju drink 2 liters.

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Horse’s Neck
then was diagnosed with the disease the horse’s neck. Then the doctor made surgery for swollen flesh in the neck three times. However, the result is negative. This means it is difficult for the doctor to treat the disease. Part of swollen neck meat is cut.
However, swelled again. the neck of this horse is very rare disease. There are only 400 cases found worldwide. Actually alcohol can cause illness the horse’s neck , so it can be a lesson for us is worse for drinking alcohol.
Source: horse sickness neck

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