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The Detox Project features Jonathan Landsman talking about oral toxicity and detoxification

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detox (NaturalHealth365) Each day, we are dealing with hundreds of toxins – to the point of overwhelming that natural health experts say the situation is reaching crisis proportions . To make matters worse, most people are being kept in the dark about the health benefits of detoxification.

allergies, autoimmune disorders, excess weight, diabetes and all cancers are related to lack of nutrition and toxicity in the body. However, the proper detox plan can reverse these health problems -. Without the need for drugs or unsafe medical procedures

Find ways to detoxify the body safely . Jonathan Landsman, host of NaturalHealth365, has been asked to be one of the speakers and invites you to listen to her talk about oral toxicity. This presentation can save you thousands of dollars in unwanted and help avoid unnecessary pain to have correct information on how to protect your health medical expenses.

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keynote speaker Jonathan Landsman speaks of detoxification and the dangers of poor oral health

Poor oral health is the highest health problem in conventional and integrative medicine. Indeed, a striking 80 percent of the symptoms of the disease result from problems in the mouth . chronic fatigue, brain fog, including disorders such as hypertension and diabetes are all associated with oral toxicity.

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More information about the four main components of poor oral health – mercury-based, including, fillings “silver” – and listen as Jonathan Landsman reveals the true reasons of conventional medicine and the inadequacy of dentistry for address them. This is not only due to the lack of knowledge in the public – and the lack of transparency by convencionalmente– trained medical professionals. Landsman says, but the fact that government health agencies are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry

In fact, doctors and dentists are kept in a kind of “mental prison” Landsman says, “… where nothing out of ‘acceptable practice” might cause them to lose their licenses. “Insurance companies, says Landsman, also contribute to the problem.

“happily pay for pills,” Landsman says, “and for basic standard dental practices …” (some of which may be toxic and dangerous)! But when it comes to improving the oral health of people through global and inclusive media that is a different story. For example, many insurance companies will be happy to pay for a filling of mercury -., But not one that is safer compound or a carbon-based

Discover how to reverse poor oral health and successfully detoxify the body

Some detox programs – well-intentioned as they are to rid the body of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other toxins – fail due to excessive inflammation in the body, which in turn is caused by problems toxic in the mouth and lack of nutrients within cells. In a dangerous cycle, inflammation can cause digestive problems, making it even more difficult for your body to absorb vital nutrients, disease-fighting. The situation can be aggravated by root canal treated teeth that have become infected; gum disease causing toxins to spill into the bloodstream; and complications of poorly extracted teeth.

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Join Jonathan while exploring the causes and solutions to, poor oral health, and offers practical solutions detox that can be implemented immediately – that helps you not only mobilize dangerous toxins, but remove them safely from the body.

The stakes have never been higher :. Join Jonathan Landsman in Detoxification Project for this important presentation and learn how to transform your health – from your teeth and gum health

Detoxification Project is available – free of charge – until 3 October 2016. Click here to register today

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