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The Death Comes From Here: If You Didn’t Know, Cell Phones In Combination With These Seals Are One Dangerous Death Threat!

You probably have at least one seal amalgam and surely you are using a cell phone. This means that your health is in serious danger.

There are many studies showing the risk of radio waves that are emitted by our cell phones. These studies also show that the negative effects of these frequencies are higher if you have a stamp containing mercury amalgam. According to research late, these frequencies are causing the release of mercury in the body.


Studies of late demonstrated that electromagnetic radiation exposure, particularly cell phones raises the mercury levels in the blood.

Not only cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation, but also other devices such as TV, Wi-Fi routers, computers, microwaves and appliances.

amalgam seals are the largest sources of mercury in the body. This means that amalgam seals are dangerous because mercury is a neurotoxin potential that can promote various immunological and neurological Disarrays. According to some studies, dental amalgam seals are realizing mercury vapor all the time and up to 80% of water vapor ends up in the lungs and the bloodstream. When the mercury vapor enters the bloodstream, soon it ends up in cells easily.

When you’re talking on your cell phone, electromagnetic radiation and mercury creates an electric field in the mouth. This is a fatal combination works through galvanisms. Amalgam seals are creating an electric field that raises levels of mercury vapor. This flow is measured by micro amperes and its measurement is about 5 microamps.


According to clinical studies, it was revealed that for oral galvanisms, the flow is greater than 5 microamps and can lead to some health problems in the body, such as headache, dizziness, migraine, nausea . Once amalgam seals are replaced, the problems have gone away.

Poisoning allergic reactions in our body are related to exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

A clinical study showed that the electrical potential of 50 millivolts leads to galvanism, leukoplakia and various toxic or allergic reactions. Other studies have shown that some people who are more exposed to electromagnetic radiation released from microwaves have elevated mercury levels in the body.

Studies performed in animals and humans, it was revealed that electromagnetic radiation promoted by cell phone causes calcium and impacts on cellular calcium homeostasis, decreasing the amount of melatonin. This is crucial because melatonin safe from the harmful effects of mercury and free radicals


How to be safe from electromagnetic radiation :.

  • Do not talk on your cell phone frequently.
  • Avoid Wi-Fi or other wireless networks as much as you can
  • Replaces wireless mobile phones with wiring
  • not use laptops and similar devices too often
  • Your bed should be at least 15 cm away from the wall

best thing to do is get some electromagnetic meter gauge in order to find out which areas are exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

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How to be safe from mercury?

If you have some seals including mercury amalgam, then you should replace them with the seals do not contain mercury amalgam

. Source: healthyfoodplans.net

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