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The Dangers Of Wearing High Heels Most Women Ignore's!

High heels have the stigma of being bad for health and comfort, but this barely stops women from wearing them occasionally and often daily.

Women often make sacrifices for foot fashion, but at what price? Studies have shown that these towering shoes can be costly in more ways.

If you’re among the many who can’t or won’t say no to stylish but uncomfortable high heels, read on. There are some consequences by wearing high heels. 

They make you uncomfortable, but this is not the only reason to avoid high heels.

If you wear them too often, there is a chance of damaging knees, feet, hips, and ankles.

It’s a fact that one among ten women wear high heels thrice per week, almost 33% percent women have come across some sort of problem because of using them.

Scientific data show that high heels are one of the biggest reason of foot problem among women. Many of them have permanent injuries or damaged muscle.

When you wear high heels:

– your toes are constantly in unnatural position. This may lead to tendons damage, and ingrown toenails.

– it overwork your muscles and have constant pain. These problems may stay for long if use of high heel is continuous.

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– your foot move forward and that put toe in unnatural position.

– it put pressure on nerves, and cause sciatica.

– it shortens calf and back muscles, and lead to muscle spasm and pain.

– if worn too often, you may suffer shortening of Achilles.

How to protect feet from Damage

1. Always select sensible shoes that are comfortable. If you like heels then choose 1-2 inch only. A heel that is wider/thick in size is better because it can spread weight evenly.

2. Stretch feet and calf muscles often

3  Select shoes that perfectly fits. This way your feet will not slide forward and relieve from pressure. Soft insoles are good choice. It will reduce impact on your knees.

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