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The Dangers of Nightshades: Why Eating the Wrong Fruits and Vegetables Can Make Pain Worse

This post was originally published in My Health Maven . Eliseo is deeply passionate about educating people and empowering them to a healthier life. I encourage you to check out your blog .

Nightshades are a specific group of plants belonging to the family Solanaceae, which includes more than 2,000 species. They are also some of the most popular foods consumed today; They are including tomatoes , potatoes, all kinds of peppers and eggplants. It’s not really a member of the Solanaceae, but contain the same alkaloids inflammation inducers are blueberries, cranberries, goji berries and ashwaganda (Indian Ginseng).

Nightshades induce inflammation through a specific chemical called solanine. Researchers now believe that this chemical can actually irritate the tract gastrointestinal . When absorbed into the bloodstream, it can cause the destruction of red blood cells that carry oxygen. Solanine is known as an inhibitor aceytlcholinesterase – which acts to prevent the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh), which leads to excessive accumulation of ACh receptor sites nerves. This action allows constant overstimulation Ach receptor, especially in the nervous system, as it is responsible for stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

solanines are not water soluble, they are not destroyed by cooking, and do not decompose in the body but must be excreted as alpha-solanine. Alpha-solanine is classified as a neuro-toxin. It is interesting that most of the “foods” containing alpha-solanine also contain at least 5 other neurotoxins including atropine and nicotine.

Nightshades could be causing your arthritis asthma attacks


One of the main problems attributed to nightshades is arthritis. In fact, one of every three arthritic react badly to nightshades. Some researchers believe that arthritis is often diagnosed in people who may in fact just be experiencing the effects of consumption of Solanaceae. Alkaloids appear to affect calcium metabolism. Although it not yet understood how, nightshade foods can remove calcium from bones and deposited in soft tissues, setting the stage for arthritis. For this reason, researchers have recommended that all people with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other joint problems like gout eliminate nightshade foods from your diet.

Norman F. Childers, PhD, is the founder of the Research Foundation Nightshades arthritis. He next hasthe to say about this topic. “The diet appears to be a factor in the etiology of arthritis based on surveys of more than 1,400 volunteers over a period of 20 years Plants Family drugs, Solanaceae (nightshade) are a important cause of arthritis in sensitive people factor. “the main cause of the reactions in some people is the presence of an alkaloid called tropane, many of them are very sensitive.

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The elimination of nightshade my diet has had a profound effect on my health. In 2006 I have completely eliminated all nightshade my diet. The first big change I noticed was that I no longer needed an inhaler. I had been diagnosed airways ten years of inhalers previously disease and used in almost every day reactive. My need for inhalers was drastically reduced, until two weeks later, when I realized I had not used an inhaler at all. Six years later, I’ve never had the need for an inhaler. Three months after removal of the Solanaceae, I realized that the pain in the knee and leg weakness had on a daily basis was also completely disappeared.

For those who suffer from arthritis or arthritis-related, such as lupus, rheumatism, and other members of musculoskeletal pain disorders of the nightshade family of flowering plants, disease more commonly known as nightshades, it may be adversely affecting your health.

The list Night

  • Tomatoes (all varieties, including tomatillos)
  • Potatoes (all varieties, NO potatoes or yams)
  • aubergine (eggplant)
  • okra
  • artichokes
  • peppers (all varieties such as pepper, pepper wax, green and red peppers, chilies, pepper, paprika, etc.)
  • Goji berries
  • Tomarillos (plum fruit such as Peru)
  • sorrel
  • Garden blueberries and cranberries (contain alkaloids that induce inflammation)
  • Currants
  • Pepino Melon
  • homeopathic “Belladonna”
  • Snuff
  • Paprika
  • cayenne pepper

soy sauce conducted in the USA It is usually made with soybeans (GMO) genetically modified intersecting with morels Petunia. A healthier option is buying Braggs Amino acids in your health food store. It is naturally fermented soy sauce and the only other component is spring water … it knows exactly the same as other soy sauces this is just pure.

Note: spices pepper black / white pepper are not Solanaceae

Other ingredients to avoid products /

  • Homeopathic remedies containing belladonna (known as belladonna)
  • prescription and nonprescription containing potato starch as filling material (especially common in sleep and relaxing drugs muscle)
  • edible flowers: Petunia, chalice vine, day of jasmine, angel trumpets devil
  • atropine and scopolamine, used in sleeping pills
  • topical medications for pain and inflammation containing capsicum (in cayenne pepper)
  • many baking powder containing potato starch
  • Do not lick the envelopes, many adhesives containing potato starch
  • Vodka (potatoes used in production)
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Read labels carefully, as it could be doing everything right, and still be sabotaged by a small quantity of an ingredient. You never buy a food that uses the generic term of condiments or spices, because you will not know what is really in food.

Three Month Challenge

If you want to know if the nightshade that adversely affect, take the challenge of three months. Avoid all nightshades for three months. (It’s called a challenge for a reason). Be careful to consider the list of previous Solanaceae, and become a label reader, as some homeopathic products, recipes; over the counter medications as well as many processed foods contain Solanaceae. Prescription and OTC medications may require a discussion with your pharmacist or phone call the manufacturer of your over the counter medications. After three months nightshade start reintroducing a while. Take note of any pain, Dolores , stiffness and loss of energy, headaches, breathing problems or other symptoms. You can find like me, that the quality of their daily health will improve dramatically after removal of the nightshade from your diet.

The cost of pain

A report published on 29 June 2011 by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy shows that 116 million adult Americans (one third of the population) live with some level of daily pain. This is more than the number of people with cancer , diabetes and heart disease combined. The cost of the US It is more than $ 635 billion a year. These costs are for direct medical expenses, disability, lost wages and lost productivity.


This post was originally published in My Health Maven. Eliseo is deeply passionate about educating people and empowering them to a healthier life. I encourage you to check out his blog.
Solanaceae are a specific group of plants belonging to the family Solanaceae, which includes more than 2,000 species. They are …

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