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The Cause of Pain Under the Ribcage

ribcage plays an important role in protecting the cardiovascular system and pain under the rib cage that sometimes it feels the force be due to an underlying medical problem. It can be mild or severe and causes great discomfort or perhaps by the sudden change in posture.

The causes of pain under the rib cage and remedies

Pain under the rib cage should not be neglected, therefore, it must be treated properly and carefully. These are some of the causes of pain under the rib cage. The group of muscles connected to the rib cage is called the intercostal muscles. It expands and contracts along when we breathe. The pain felt on the right side of the rib cage may be due to inflammation or infection in the muscles. If a pain in the right side of the ribcage a dose of muscle relaxant or medication can provide relief from this pain and give you relief from these symptoms is obtained.

The gallbladder below the rib cage can also be the cause of pain. Sometimes the stones in the gallbladder may be the cause of as severe pain under the right rib cage . There are a lot of symptoms to know whether it is the gallbladder that is causing the pain. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, fever, rapid heart rate and pain below the right rib cage that can be moved to the right shoulder. Gallstones can be removed by surgery or sometimes treated with a drug.

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Appendix is ​​an unwanted ended tube connected to the cecum piece. Embryological develops from it. It is located at the junction of the small intestine and large. A problem in the appendix is ​​called appendicitis can also cause increase in size and cause severe pain that can be felt below the rib cage. Inflation in the appendix needs immediate diagnosis and treatment and sometimes surgery for removal of this body is the only solution to get rid of pain.

Having pain under the rib cage may be a sign of a larger health problem. It is best to consult the doctor to know what to do to cure it. Some common problems in the liver can cause pain under the right rib cage such as hepatitis, fatty liver, and congestive heart failure. Other causes may be a liver infection that causes this pain. The sooner the problem is diagnosed, the lower the chances of serious illness.

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