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The best sex positions to conceive a baby

The best sexual positions to conceive a baby

If you are trying to get pregnant, but I have not had any success lately, chances are you watching how you and your partner are having sex. Yes!
Some important things first: If you are trying to conceive, the general rule is to have regular and repeated sex with the rules, especially when they are ovulating – which is probably its most fertile period . Besides sexual positions that aid in deeper penetration are great to help the sperm of her man to her egg easily. It is also essential that you orgasm because the contractions that occur in the womb when orgasm helps the sperm of her man reach their destination faster. All this aside, it is also essential that Spen a considerable amount of time on foreplay. Here are previous nine games movements that would make his strongman in bed.

The positions that work best Missionary : Lie on your back, with your man at the top. The fact that your pelvis is not inclined to look down helps your moving sperm closer to the cervix by making it easier for you to concieve and as a bonus to your man has a great deal of leeway to achieve better penetration. While there is no real evidence, some people say placing a pillow under your hips to help his sperm travels deeper into the cervix. Here are Six lesser known things that make sex exciting for men. missionary-sex-position

doggy style: a great position – and most men would agree they love – doggy style is ideal for making baby. Doggy style helps increase the amount of penetration and the cervix opens just a little more than other positions. Read how to doggy style right.

triangle shines: This position is a branch of the missionary position. His pelvis is raised (you can use a pillow for added lift) and can wrap his legs around her man. This position helps in increasing the depth of penetration and the pelvis tilts upward. The best part of this position is that the man does not have to move, you can do all the work. To help make sex even better, spend time exploring and wake each other before the final act. Here are five previous games moves that would make his wife wants more sex. glowing triangle The rock and roll or anvil: Something like the missionary, this position ensures that your partner penetrates deeply and access your G-spot – help in the design. In this position it is in his back and the man is on top. Then lift your legs so that they are above your head and then the man entering.
The Magic Mountain
This position is the same as the style puppy, but has the man leaning over you, so that your back is against his chest. Here they are bent at the waist, and can be used pillows under your EAD to stabilize your upper body. You can reduce the number of pillows to increase the curve of the waist to help yourpelvis tilt even more. This position allows deep penetration, hit the G-spot, stimulates the clitoris and is perfect for making baby. magic mountain

Spooning: Another common position with great benefits . With your man behind you as you lie, this position ensures that the sperm of her partner reaches the cervix as your pelvis is tilted at an angle of 90 degrees. You can try variations of this position, where the legs are spread open and rest on the outer surface of the man’s thighs. This not only adds to the salt of this position will help to contain its close spooning Positions for the more adventurous :.

used in this position you will stand on his hands, legs in the air. Your partner will get in between the legs, holding her legs with his hands – just like you would with a wheelbarrow.

Butterfly In this position, lie on your back on a table.

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